• Register your RoadMate quickly and easily
  • Update your Street Maps and Points of Interest
  • Get Important Software Updates
  • Plan and Share Your Trips

SmartGPS Eco (previously called Content Manager) is a website that makes it quick and easy to register your RoadMate and keep it up-to-date. SmartGPS Eco will help you get necessary product updates and tell you if you have the latest maps. It will help you get a map upgrade if one is available.

It’s Easy!

  • Go to the website www.SmartGPSEco.com
  • Create a new account or Login. If you already created an account on www.magellangps.com, you can login with that same username and password.
  • Plug in your unit
  • Follow the instructions to keep your device up-to-date

Note: SmartGPSEco.com uses the same username and password as magellangps.com. If you have purchased a product or registered your product on MagellanGPS.com, then you already have an account and you should use the same username and password on SmartGPSEco.com.