Magellan RoadMate for iPhone Premium Car Kit-Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I receive a message? saying "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone"
This happens when the pin connector doesn't make complete contact with all the pins. To move past this screen tap "No" and the cradle will operate as designed.
How will the Premium Car Kit improve my GPS signal?
The Magellan Premium Car Kit includes a built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver which enhances the GPS signal providing a more accurate and reliable navigation experience.
Is the Premium Car Kit compatible with other iPhone GPS apps?
Yes. The Magellan Car Kit works with most GPS navigation or location based apps.
When installing the iPhone or iPod touch into the Car Kit which way should the screen face?
The device screen should be facing you when installing it into the cradle.
What is the blue LED light?
A flashing blue light indicates that the power is connected and Bluetooth� is waiting to be connected to a phone. A solid blue light indicates that the Bluetooth� has been connected.
Where is the speaker located?
The Premium Car Kit amplified speaker is located at the bottom of the cradle.
Will the cradle automatically connect to a BlueTooth� device that it has been paired with before?
Yes. The premium Car Kit will re-connect automatically to a previously paired BlueTooth-enabled device.
How can I connect the Premium Car Kit to my stereo?
If your car stereo has an AUX input, you can easily connect the audio output from the Premium Car Kit to your car stereo using a stereo 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable (sold separately).
Why doesn't my iPod touch receive a GPS signal when docked in the cradle?
The built-in GPS receiver requires power from the VPA (Vehicle Power Adapter) to receive a GPS signal.
What happens when I get a call while in app?
When you receive a call while in app, you will be able to answer or reject a call normally. After ending the call, the Magellan app will automatically restart to guide you to your destination.
Where can I find a more information about the premium car kit?
Please visit to learn more
Where can I find support information for the Magellan Premium Car Kit?
Please visit for Magellan Premium Car Kit customer support.