Connected Car...
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Enjoy the Connected Car Experience today, in any vehicle with the Magellan SmartGPS, for a fraction of the price of premium in-dash infotainment systems. The SmartGPS is a powerful mobile information hub that keeps drivers informed, saves drivers time and money, while providing safer navigation. The Magellan SmartGPS and companion App bring the connected car experience to everyone; delivering Valuable Local Information, harnessing the Power of the Cloud, and combining the Best of Smartphone and the Best of GPS.

Valuable Local Information

Save time and money with valuable, local information delivered automatically to your SmartGPS, including Lowest Gas Prices from your preferred stations, Red Light Camera and Speed Trap Alerts, Weather, Traffic and much more. And, receive Yelp reviews and deals based on your location. No additional subscription plans required.

Power of the

Enter once and never lose your contacts and destinations. Bookmark favorites wherever you are and share between your SmartGPS, Smartphone, Computers and Tablets. Magellan SmartGPS keeps you connected.

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Best of Smartphone
Best of GPS

SmartGPS comes with a powerful smartphone App. Browse and select locations from a variety of sources including Yelp, then send destinations and contacts to SmartGPS from your smartphone. Combine SmartGPS and your smartphone for a driving experience which is safer, legal, provides easier viewing and better navigation.

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