Introducing RoadMate 6230-LM

The Magellan RoadMate 6230-LM DashCam Navigator combines the confidence received from a dedicated premium GPS navigator with the security and fun of a dashcam. Capture all the action in crystal clear HD video through the 120-degree wide viewing angle lens. Video and audio are automatically recorded in an endless loop or, manually record travel scenery or an unexpected event. When a collision occurs, the built-in G-Shock sensor automatically locks video footage, location data and date/time information prior to the incident providing an accurate record of events. Videos may be played back on the device or on Windows® based computers.

The 6230-LM DashCam Navigator is also compatible with the Magellan Wireless Back-Up Camera. Adding this optional accessory gives you triple functionality on one screen! See what is behind you when you put your car in reverse, get advanced GPS navigation while you drive, and record HD video of what is going on in front of your car, all through one convenient device.

The 6230-LM DashCam Navigator comes with premium GPS navigation features such as: Free Lifetime Map Updates, Traffic Camera Alerts by PhantomALERT™, Junction View, Landmark Guidance, Best Parking and much more. The Magellan 6230-LM DashCam Navigator - Confidence, Security, and Fun.

DashCam Navigator Features

Record HD Video

Automatically and continuously records HD video, like traffic incidents and scenic travel.

G-Shock Sensor

G-shock sensor detects any sudden impact and locks video and data to record the event.

Wide-angle Lens

120 degree wide-angle dashcam lens can record the entire street no matter where on your dash or windshield you mount it.

Magellan Wireless Back-up Camera Compatible

Transforms the DashCam Navigator into a rear-view monitor using the optional Magellan Wireless Back-up Camera.

5” High-Resolution Touchscreen

This vibrant 5” touchscreen gives you greater sensitivity and superior clarity.

Integrated Dash Camera

Automatically and continuously records HD quality video, like traffic incidents and scenic travel.

Free Lifetime Map Updates

Never worry about out-of-date maps again. Download the latest map information (up to 4 times a year) for the life of your Magellan RoadMate navigator.

Junction View

Realistic images of freeway signs and arrows guide you to the correct lane to make driving safer and less stressful.

Best Parking

Provides parking garage location, hours of operation, and directions to the entrance.

OneTouchTM Favorites Menu

Easily create shortcuts to your favorite destinations and previous searches with personalized bookmarks so you can quickly find them anywhere you travel.

Speed Limit Warnings

Manage your speed along your route with optional settings for visual and audible alerts.

Traffic Camera Alerts by PhantomALERT

Receive audible and visual warnings of red light and speed cameras along your route.

Landmark Guidance

Receive directions using landmarks as your guide versus street names, making it a more intuitive way to navigate.

QuickSpell® with SmartCity Search

As you type the first few letters of your target address, QuickSpell instantly auto-fills and provides search choices.

Multi-destination Routing

Plan a trip with multiple stops in the order you want, or let your Magellan navigator select the most efficient route.

7 Million Points of Interest

Search and route to millions of preloaded destinations such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, attractions and other points of interest.

Magellan RoadMate 6230-LM