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  • Create and manage your GPS journal, including waypoints, tracks, routes, geocaches, and address book
  • Automatic notification of software updates

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VantagePoint software is a unique application that allows you to manage your Magellan outdoor GPS experience. With the click of your mouse, you can view and search Satellite Imagery, Summit Series, City Series, and other Magellan maps. Create your own GPS journal complete with geotagged pictures, voice memos, and videos. Upload your tracks, waypoints, and multimedia files from your compatible eXplorist GPS receiver. VantagePoint also provides automatic alerts when new software updates for your outdoor GPS device is available. Download now and "Experience. Capture. Share" all your outdoor adventures!

Satellite Imagery: Experience with the best satellite imagery available on the market today. Thanks to a seamless process, you can now transfer beautiful satellite maps of your preferred areas directly onto your Magellan eXplorist® or Triton™, without any geographic restrictions. You will enjoy realistic and detailed maps of your surroundings for an improved experience during your outdoor activities. Imagery is available to download to your device with an annual subscription. Click here to learn more about the DigitalGlobe Annual Subscription.

Manage All Your Maps: View various maps, including Summit Series, City Series, and other Magellan maps. VantagePoint software supports both new and old Magellan maps, including Magellan Certified maps, Topo USA (powered by AccuTerra), SnowRanger, and StoneMaps. Click here to check out all the complete list of available maps.

Go Geocaching: Manage all your geocaches in VantagePoint and plan your next geocaching adventure! Log into and download Pocket Queries from within the application. View descriptions, hints, user logs, attributes and child waypoints.

GPS Journal: Create your personalized GPS journal, which can include waypoints, geocaches, trails, and routes. Each journal entry can be customized with unique names, descriptions, and display icons. You can even attach videos, pictures, and sound files!

3D View: See all your topographic maps in 2D and 3D on your PC. Zoom in and out, rotate the map, and scroll with your mouse to "fly through" the terrain.

Smart Search: Easily locate points of interest and content you create on the map with basic and advanced search options. View locations by category or distance from any point using coordinates.

Plan Routes: Plan your adventures beforehand by creating routes in VantagePoint and exporting them to your compatible Magellan GPS receiver. Add, edit, and customize waypoints, geocaches, points of interest, and locations on the map to create a route. Easily rearrange points to optimize a point-to-point navigation experience. Supports new waypoint icons and categories.

Trail playback: Relive your experiences by playing trails in full simulation mode in 2D or 3D. Start, stop, and pause. View odometer, date, time, current speed, and heading. See all the action again and again!

Vertical profile: Click on any linear feature, such as trails, routes, and streets, to view the terrain underneath. See a cross-section of elevation change for the duration of the line.

VantagePoint Lite: Get automatic alerts on your desktop when new software updates are available for your compatible Magellan GPS receiver. Simply click on the alert to launch the software update wizard.

Software Auto Update: When you install VantagePoint software on your computer and register your Triton or eXplorist GPS receiver with Magellan, VP will automatically alert you when a new software update is available for your device and guide you through the update process.

Map Transfers: This feature allows you to extract the pre-loaded maps from your compatible Magellan GPS receiver and load it into VantagePoint.

Data Storage: VantagePoint software allows you to backup your GPS Journal. All data synchronized or imported into VP will be stored on the PC unless manually deleted. eXplorist and Triton users can synchronize their files and also use the automatic Backup and Restore feature. VantagePoint software serves as a "master" database. If you delete files from your GPS receiver, they will not be deleted from VP.

Data Synchronization: The eXplorist and Triton series support data synchronization. This is a great feature that allows simple data transfer to and from the device with the click of one button.


What's new in version 2.43

  • Map support improvements
  • Added Magellangps account creation through VantagePoint
  • Bug fix to support Microsoft Office IME
  • Bug fix to correct elevation information for Summit series Australia/NZ maps

What's new in version 2.40

  • Support for eXplorist 350H
        • Device to PC syncing
        • Trip folder creation for planning hunting trip
        • Hunting Waypoints
  • Updated DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery service improving worldwide coverage, image quality, and current imagery
  • Fix route calculation for pedestrian route
  • Fix random white lines on National Geographic Raster Map

What's new in version 2.32

  • Updated Languages (Japanese, Korean, Turkish)
  • Ability to pan map while building a route
  • Support transparent polygons.
  • Improved global image library from DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery
  • Minor bug fixes

What's new in Version 2.27

  • Added support for National Geographic TOPO! Maps.
  • Added "Geocaching Live", "Geocache Filter" and "Pocket Queries" features.
  • Geo-referenced media files on the map now displayed on the map.
  • Improved the Map organization.
  • Improved “My Journal” windows.
  • Added the ability to disable downloading of Geocache images from Geocache descriptions.
  • Improve data synchronization.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Added Japanese & Korean Language support.

What's new in Version 2.19

  • Support for eXplorist 110

What's new in Version 2.17

  • Added support for Digital Globe satellite raster image streaming
  • Added support for Digital Globe satellite raster image save to and view on eXplorist 310, 510, 610 and 710 devices
  • Added Xian80 coordinate system
  • Minor bug fixes

What’s new in Version 2.00

  • Support of TPO and IMI files together.
  • Map Legends with active map skin.
  • Easier to read map background color.
  • Updated icons for GPS Log and My GPS.
  • Improved synchronization of user data between VantagePoint and eXplorist Series devices.
  • Topographic line colors.
  • French and Spanish language update.

What's new in VantagePoint 1.94

  • Support of the eXplorist 510, 610 and 710
  • Added Address Book
  • Added Day and Night Mode for supported maps
  • Added the "Color Map" feature to Shaded Relief display settings
  • User objects (e.g. waypoints) are now highlighted on the map when using the "View on Map" feature.

What’s new in VantagePoint 1.80

  • Support of the eXplorist GC unit
  • Support of Pocket Queries
  • Support of new Geocaching features - attributes and additional waypoints
  • New "Geocache Details" window
  • Improved design for the "View All Details" window for Geocaches
  • Support of the tree structure in My Journal
  • Support of new waypoint icons and categories
  • Importing and Exporting of LOC file are used for waypoints instead of Geocaches
  • Ability to publish new Geocache and Geocache logs

What’s new in VantagePoint 1.60

User Interface: Completely redesigned user interface, including adjustments to the main window and left hand control panel. These improvements make VP easier to use and more efficient to navigate. In addition, the control for Route Planner and multimedia management and synchronization has been improved.

Map Legend: Improvements to map legend that allows the user to customize the map display by turning ON and OFF various layers. Turn layers ON and OFF to adjust the map view with right level of detail to plan your next adventure or show off your most recent.

GPS Journal: Several improvements to GPS journal have been added, including the ability to sort user data by any field in the "View All Details" window.

Edit Tracks: Save your favorite tracks and trails to VantagePoint and then edit them to improve quality or, remove points and segments. Automatically "simplify" tracks from thousands of track points down to just a few hundred. Start building your GPS journal of all your adventures - step by step!

Coordinate Systems: Improvements to the UTM coordinate system.

GPS Logging: VantagePoint supports GPS logging for Triton and eXplorist GPS Receivers.

What's new in VantagePoint 1.52

GPS Logging: VantagePoint software can now be used to display the geographic position of compatible GPS receivers when off-roading or out on the water. Track all your movements on your laptop and save trails directly into VantagePoint software.

VantagePoint Lite: Access VantagePoint software quickly and easily via VantagePoint Lite, an icon that sits in your PC's system tray. VantagePoint Lite provides automatic alerts when new software is available for your Magellan GPS receiver.

3D Exaggeration: 3D topographic map imagery can now be blown up to amplify mountain heights and valley depths - great for route planning and trail playback.

Search Improvements: Use one of three different latitude and longitude formats (Decimal Degrees (DD), Degrees Minutes (DM), or Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS)) to perform searches on specific geographic coordinates.

Track/Trails Improvements: 3D positional arrow now provides better visualization of your path during playback. You can also change trail colors and convert a trail to a route to customize your adventure.

GPS Journal. Now you can import Google Earth user data files in .KML format and geocaches in .LOC format!

What's new in VantagePoint 1.41

Shaded relief: Shade relief allows you to see topographical features, such as mountain peaks and valleys, more clearly. Shaded relief can be turned on/off for topographical details maps. In addition to turning contour lines on/off, you can now do the same with shaded relief textures.

Quick Start Guide: Quick Start Guide is accessible in the "Help" dialog of the VantagePoint software.

Backup: A new "Backup" button is added to the "Protect" menu under My GPS tab. When you selects the "Backup" button, VantagePoint software starts to backup your GPS journal and displays a status bar popup. After your data backup is complete, a confirmation is displayed.

Restore: A new "Restore" button is added to the "Protect" menu under My GPS tab. When you select the "Restore" button, VantagePoint software starts to restore your GPS journal from the previously saved location and displays a status bar popup. After the user data restore is complete, a confirmation is displayed.

Disconnect: A new "Disconnect" button is added to the "Connectivity" menu under My GPS tab. When you select the "Disconnect" button, VantagePoint software disconnects from the GPS receiver so that it can be used with other software or on its own while the USB cable is still connected.

Reconnect: A new "Reconnect" button is added to the "Connectivity" menu under My GPS tab. When you select the "Reconnect" button, VantagePoint software reconnects with the GPS receiver so it can be used with VP. Other software will not be able to communicate with the GPS receiver while its connected to VP.

  • Product Number 230-0010-009


  • Dimensions (English) noinfofound
  • Dimensions (Metric) noinfofound
  • Weight (English) noinfofound
  • Weight (Metric) noinfofound
  • Battery Type noinfofound
  • Battery Life noinfofound
  • Camera noinfofound
  • Flashlight noinfofound
  • Microphone noinfofound
  • Waterproof noinfofound
  • Speaker noinfofound
  • Stereo Audio Jack noinfofound
  • Available User Storage noinfofound
  • CPU noinfofound
  • Expandable Memory noinfofound
  • Temperature Range (F) noinfofound
  • Temperature Range (C) noinfofound
  • Suspend Mode noinfofound
  • Internal Memory noinfofound
  • Audio/Video Input noinfofound
  • SD Slot noinfofound
  • Water-Resistance noinfofound
  • Vibrate noinfofound
  • Watch Mode noinfofound
  • Package Contents noinfofound


  • Display Resolution, WxH noinfofound
  • Screen Size noinfofound
  • Display Type noinfofound
  • Touch Screen noinfofound
  • Invertible Screen noinfofound

GPS & Sensors

  • GPS Accuracy noinfofound
  • High-Sensitivity GPS noinfofound
  • Barometric Altimeter noinfofound
  • Temperature noinfofound
  • Antenna Type noinfofound
  • 3-Axis Electronic Compass noinfofound
  • External Antenna noinfofound
  • WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS noinfofound
  • Percentage Grade noinfofound
  • G-sensor or Accelerometer noinfofound
  • GPS and Time Stamp noinfofound

Mapping & Navigation

  • Preloaded Maps noinfofound
  • Uploadable Maps noinfofound
  • Points of Interest noinfofound
  • Turn-by-Turn Routing No
  • Vertical Profile noinfofound
  • Area Calculation noinfofound
  • Hunt & Fish Calendar noinfofound
  • Sun & Moon Information noinfofound
  • Tide & Current Tables noinfofound
  • Coordinates Systems & Datums noinfofound
  • User Grid noinfofound
  • Lifetime Traffic Alerts noinfofound
  • Highway Lane Assist noinfofound
  • Map Updates noinfofound
  • Multi-Destination Routing No
  • OneTouch Favorites Menu No
  • Speed Limits noinfofound
  • Spoken Street Names noinfofound
  • Audible Proximity Alarms noinfofound
  • Silent Proximity Alarms noinfofound
  • Traffic Wake-Up noinfofound
  • Periodic Reporting No
  • Branded POIs noinfofound
  • POIs Along Route noinfofound
  • Smart City Search noinfofound
  • Smart Detour noinfofound
  • QWERTY/ABCD Keyboard noinfofound
  • Find Your Car noinfofound
  • Pedestrian Mode noinfofound
  • TourDirector noinfofound
  • Landscape/Portrait Mode noinfofound
  • Navionics? Map Compatible noinfofound
  • Good Sam/Trailer Life Directory noinfofound
  • RV/Truck route noinfofound
  • Customize Vehicle Profile noinfofound
  • Breadcrumb Navigation noinfofound
  • Back to Start/Location noinfofound
  • Landmark Guidance noinfofound
  • Portrait/Landscape mode noinfofound
  • Bluetooth Safe Texting noinfofound
  • Junction view noinfofound
  • Best Parking noinfofound
  • Traffic Camera Alerts by PhantomALERT noinfofound
  • Yelp Integration noinfofound
  • Foursquare Integration noinfofound
  • Gas Prices noinfofound
  • Weather noinfofound
  • Active Route Pause noinfofound
  • Customizable Screens noinfofound
  • Backtrack Navigation noinfofound
  • Data & Route Recording noinfofound
  • Surprise Me™ noinfofound
  • Coordinates Entry noinfofound
  • Truck POIs noinfofound
  • RV Dump Stations noinfofound
  • Advance Weather & Alerts noinfofound
  • Yellow Sign Alerts noinfofound
  • Toll Booth Alerts noinfofound


  • Imaging Sensor noinfofound
  • Resolution noinfofound
  • Vertical View angle noinfofound
  • Horizontal View angle noinfofound
  • Output Image noinfofound
  • Power Supply noinfofound
  • Ingress Rating noinfofound
  • Dimensions noinfofound
  • Weight noinfofound
  • Operating Temperature noinfofound
  • Rotation noinfofound
  • Parking Watch Mode noinfofound
  • Camera Mode noinfofound
  • Lens noinfofound


  • Frequency noinfofound
  • RF Output Power noinfofound
  • Power Supply noinfofound
  • Current Consumption noinfofound
  • Weather Proof noinfofound
  • Operating Temperature noinfofound
  • Dimensions noinfofound
  • Weight noinfofound


  • Receiver Sensitivity noinfofound
  • Power Supply noinfofound
  • Current Consumption noinfofound
  • Operating Temperature noinfofound
  • Dimensions noinfofound
  • Weight noinfofound

User Generated Content

  • Accepts GPX Files noinfofound
  • Waypoints noinfofound
  • Routes noinfofound
  • Geocaches noinfofound
  • Legs Per Route noinfofound
  • Paperless Geocaching noinfofound
  • Picture Viewer noinfofound
  • Tracks noinfofound
  • Points Per Track noinfofound
  • User Data Online Sharing noinfofound
  • Activity History noinfofound
  • Activity Totals noinfofound
  • Laps noinfofound
  • Locations/Waypoints noinfofound
  • File Format noinfofound
  • Magellan Active Compatible noinfofound
  • Third-Party Website Compatlble noinfofound
  • User Login noinfofound
  • Driving status & report noinfofound
  • Stores Waypoints noinfofound
  • Stores Tracks noinfofound
  • Stores Routes noinfofound


  • Core Fitness Data noinfofound
  • Training Alerts noinfofound
  • Auto Pause noinfofound
  • Auto Lap noinfofound
  • Customizable Activity Profiles noinfofound
  • Customizable Activity Screens noinfofound
  • Quick Info Screens noinfofound
  • Multisport Mode noinfofound
  • Activity Pacer noinfofound
  • Heart Rate Based Calorie Calculation noinfofound
  • Quick Start noinfofound

Interface & Communications

  • Communication Protocol noinfofound
  • USB Port noinfofound
  • NMEA Output noinfofound
  • PC Compatible noinfofound
  • MAC Compatible noinfofound
  • Bluetooth noinfofound
  • Wi-Fi noinfofound
  • Cellular noinfofound
  • Satellite Messaging noinfofound
  • ANT+ noinfofound
  • Charging/Data Transfer noinfofound
  • Trainer Control Support (ANT+) noinfofound
  • Phone Message Alert noinfofound
  • Bluetooth Version noinfofound


  • Heart Rate Monitor (ANT+) noinfofound
  • Foot Pod Compatible (ANT+) noinfofound
  • Bike Speed/Cadence Compatible (ANT+) noinfofound
  • Power Meter Compatible (ANT+) noinfofound
  • Multisport Mounting Kit Compatible noinfofound
  • Includes Heart Rate Monitor - Bluetooth Smart noinfofound


  • Operating System Windows XP, Window Vista, Windows 7 (Not compatible with Macintosh computers)
  • Processor IBM Compatible PC, 1.5 GHZ Pentium or higher
  • RAM 256 MB
  • Video Card Video Card DirectX 9.0 compatible, with 128 MB of VRAM
  • Disk Space 100 MB free space for installation, more free space required for maps

Gerber Knife

  • Overall Length noinfofound
  • Closed Length noinfofound
  • Blade Length noinfofound
  • Weight noinfofound
  • Blade Composition noinfofound

Interface & Communications

  • Audible Alerts and Notifications noinfofound
  • Wireless Communication noinfofound
  • Fitness App Controls noinfofound
  • Music Controls noinfofound


  • App Data in Real-time noinfofound
  • Mobile App Compatibility noinfofound
  • Phone Compatibility noinfofound

Activity Tracking

  • Step Tracking noinfofound
  • Sleep Tracking noinfofound
  • Walk and run activities (without location) noinfofound
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