Traffic Service

Avoid delays! Add traffic alerts to your Magellan navigator.

Your traffic-integrated Magellan® GPS navigator can receive live traffic reports, making it easy for you to avoid traffic incidents including accidents, lane closures, slow traffic, and roadwork. You can also purchase a TrafficKit for your traffic-enabled Magellan Maestro™ or Magellan RoadMate® to get the same great features.

Three Ways to get Traffic Service

Traffic Link adds Traffic service to your Magellan RoadMate.

(Compatible with: Magellan RoadMate 1210, 1220, 1340, 1420, 1424, 1440, 1470, SE4, and Magellan Maestro 4700)


Click here to see Traffic Service Coverage Area

By clicking the link above you will leave and go directly to the NAVTEQ traffic information page.