Magellan RoadMate On-The-Go App for iOS

  • Send from Smartphone to SmartGPS - Conveniently send information from your iPhone to your SmartGPS.
  • Search, Save and Share - Search, send to your SmartGPS & navigate. Share saved information from your iPhone to Smart-Eco connected devices: iPhones, SmartGPS, computers and tablets.
  • Yelp Discovery - Enjoy live POI searching and automatically receiving location-based reviews and deals from Yelp.
  • Best-in-Class Features - On-Board Maps, Free Lifetime Maps and Traffic Updates, Traffic Camera Alerts, Best Parking, POI Search & Sharing, and much more.

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Magellan RoadMate On-The-Go App

The Magellan RoadMate On-The-Go App for iOS is the perfect companion for your mobile lifestyle, allowing you to arrive safely and discover your world from anywhere, anytime. The Magellan RoadMate On-The-Go App gives you the ability to discover new hot-spots around you anytime and conveniently send destinations and contacts to your Magellan SmartGPS and the SmartGPS Cloud Eco-system. Simply enter once and your information is conveniently shared across your Smart-Eco connected devices; iPhone, SmartGPS, computers and tablets.

Enjoy knowing which businesses around you are popular and which to avoid through powerful live-searching and automatically received location-based reviews and deals from the massive Yelp community. Let Yelp help you find your next favorite hot-spot.

The Magellan RoadMate On-The-Go app also gives you best-in-class features: On-Board Maps, Free Lifetime Maps and Traffic Updates, Traffic Camera Alerts, POI Search and Sharing, and much more.

To begin:

  1. Open the App Store and search for "Magellan On-The-Go".
  2. Follow the instructions for installing the app to your iPhone.

Interfacing with iPhone:

  1. If not done so already, pair your smartphone to your SmartGPS using Bluetooth.
  2. If you want to sync content to your SmartGPS using the Bluetooth on your smartphone, go to Settings > Bluetooth and check "Sync to MiCloud via phn."
  3. Start the app on your smartphone. Even if it's running in the background, it will continue to communicate with the SmartGPS.

Advisory: Syncing to MiCloud via your smartphone may cause increased data usage. Please check with your carrier to ensure you have sufficient data available for use. Data rate charges vary by carrier and plan, it is your responsibility to monitor your usage in an effort to not exceed your data plan allowances.


Information Squares Interface

  • Innovative interface makes selections easy to access with features presented automatically in squares.
  • Automatically receive location-based Yelp recommendations, Traffic Camera Alerts provided by PhantomALERT, and Traffic Updates all on one screen.

Send to Dash

  • Find your destination anytime, anywhere from the App and send it to your SmartGPS navigator, as soon as you get in your car, the destination is automatically shared to your SmartGPS. It couldn’t be any easier.

Yelp Integration1

  • Yelp integration opens up a whole new world of restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and more for you – see what people are really saying about destinations before you try them.
  • Search or automatically receive valuable information about venues and destinations, browse user star-ratings, read reviews, and decide where to go. Access the Yelp community to make informed decisions for your next outing.

Traffic Camera Alerts by PhantomALERT

  • Receive real-time red light and fixed speed camera alerts to help you stay safe and avoid tickets, at no additional cost!
  • PhantomALERT Basic subscription is included in SmartGPS and app for first year.

On-Board Maps included for Free

  • Having On-Board Maps means you don’t pay to see maps while navigating; saving you money and usage on your data plan.
  • Unlike Maps that are received through your data plan, On-board Maps will not suddenly disappear from your screen when cellular connection is lost because congested locations or when passing through drop-zones.

Free Lifetime Maps1

  • Roads change everyday. Your Magellan On-the-Go App includes Free Lifetime Map updates to ensure you will always be up-to-date.
  • United States, Puerto Rico, Canada.

Free Lifetime Traffic Updates1

  • Receive real-time traffic information to inform you of congestion, accidents, and construction zones.
  • No additional fees are required! Lifetime Traffic Updates are included with your SmartGPS app.

Best Parking Integration1

  • Conveniently find parking with useful information such as prices, hours of operation, and other information.
  • Easily find your way back to the parking garage using the SmartGPS App.

Points of Interest (POI) Search and Share

  • Search for your favorite Restaurants, Gas Stations, Coffee Shops, and more – then with a tap, navigate to your destination.
  • Quickly and easily share Routes, Current Locations, and Points of Interests with your friends and family via your wish list through the app or on Facebook through the Smart Eco-cloud.

Portrait and Landscape Viewing

  • Instantly switch between Landscape and Portrait mode for your viewing preference.

OneTouch Favorites Menu

  • Find your favorite restaurant, bank, gas station and more in any city with a single touch. Easily create shortcuts to your favorite destinations and previous searches with personalized bookmarks so you can quickly find them anywhere you travel.

Smart Address Entry

  • Magellan’s patented search technology guides you through address entry, allowing you to quickly enter addresses error free.

1 For maps and traffic data, "lifetime" is defined as the life of the product or 3 years, whichever comes first, or until Magellan no longer receives relevant map and traffic data. Yelp, Best Parking and Traffic require data or Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi connectivity required for similar use on iPod Touch.

  • Product Number AVIP08UC


  • Dimensions (English) noinfofound
  • Dimensions (Metric) noinfofound
  • Weight (English) noinfofound
  • Weight (Metric) noinfofound
  • Battery Type noinfofound
  • Battery Life noinfofound
  • Camera noinfofound
  • Flashlight noinfofound
  • Microphone noinfofound
  • Waterproof noinfofound
  • Speaker noinfofound
  • Stereo Audio Jack noinfofound
  • Available User Storage noinfofound
  • CPU noinfofound
  • Expandable Memory noinfofound
  • Temperature Range (F) noinfofound
  • Temperature Range (C) noinfofound
  • Suspend Mode noinfofound
  • Internal Memory noinfofound
  • Audio/Video Input noinfofound
  • SD Slot noinfofound
  • Water-Resistance noinfofound
  • Vibrate noinfofound
  • Watch Mode noinfofound
  • Package Contents noinfofound


  • Display Resolution, WxH noinfofound
  • Screen Size noinfofound
  • Display Type noinfofound
  • Touch Screen noinfofound
  • Invertible Screen noinfofound

GPS & Sensors

  • GPS Accuracy noinfofound
  • High-Sensitivity GPS noinfofound
  • Barometric Altimeter noinfofound
  • Temperature noinfofound
  • Antenna Type noinfofound
  • 3-Axis Electronic Compass noinfofound
  • External Antenna noinfofound
  • WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS noinfofound
  • Percentage Grade noinfofound
  • G-sensor or Accelerometer noinfofound
  • GPS and Time Stamp noinfofound

Mapping & Navigation

  • Preloaded Maps noinfofound
  • Uploadable Maps noinfofound
  • Points of Interest noinfofound
  • Turn-by-Turn Routing No
  • Vertical Profile noinfofound
  • Area Calculation noinfofound
  • Hunt & Fish Calendar noinfofound
  • Sun & Moon Information noinfofound
  • Tide & Current Tables noinfofound
  • Coordinates Systems & Datums noinfofound
  • User Grid noinfofound
  • Lifetime Traffic Alerts noinfofound
  • Highway Lane Assist noinfofound
  • Map Updates noinfofound
  • Multi-Destination Routing No
  • OneTouch Favorites Menu No
  • Speed Limits noinfofound
  • Spoken Street Names noinfofound
  • Audible Proximity Alarms noinfofound
  • Silent Proximity Alarms noinfofound
  • Traffic Wake-Up noinfofound
  • Periodic Reporting No
  • Branded POIs noinfofound
  • POIs Along Route noinfofound
  • Smart City Search noinfofound
  • Smart Detour noinfofound
  • QWERTY/ABCD Keyboard noinfofound
  • Find Your Car noinfofound
  • Pedestrian Mode noinfofound
  • TourDirector noinfofound
  • Landscape/Portrait Mode noinfofound
  • Navionics? Map Compatible noinfofound
  • Good Sam/Trailer Life Directory noinfofound
  • RV/Truck route noinfofound
  • Customize Vehicle Profile noinfofound
  • Breadcrumb Navigation noinfofound
  • Back to Start/Location noinfofound
  • Landmark Guidance noinfofound
  • Portrait/Landscape mode noinfofound
  • Bluetooth Safe Texting noinfofound
  • Junction view noinfofound
  • Best Parking noinfofound
  • Traffic Camera Alerts by PhantomALERT noinfofound
  • Yelp Integration noinfofound
  • Foursquare Integration noinfofound
  • Gas Prices noinfofound
  • Weather noinfofound
  • Active Route Pause noinfofound
  • Customizable Screens noinfofound
  • Backtrack Navigation noinfofound
  • Data & Route Recording noinfofound
  • Surprise Me™ noinfofound
  • Coordinates Entry noinfofound
  • Truck POIs noinfofound
  • RV Dump Stations noinfofound
  • Advance Weather & Alerts noinfofound
  • Yellow Sign Alerts noinfofound
  • Toll Booth Alerts noinfofound


  • Imaging Sensor noinfofound
  • Resolution noinfofound
  • Vertical View angle noinfofound
  • Horizontal View angle noinfofound
  • Output Image noinfofound
  • Power Supply noinfofound
  • Ingress Rating noinfofound
  • Dimensions noinfofound
  • Weight noinfofound
  • Operating Temperature noinfofound
  • Rotation noinfofound
  • Parking Watch Mode noinfofound
  • Camera Mode noinfofound
  • Lens noinfofound


  • Frequency noinfofound
  • RF Output Power noinfofound
  • Power Supply noinfofound
  • Current Consumption noinfofound
  • Weather Proof noinfofound
  • Operating Temperature noinfofound
  • Dimensions noinfofound
  • Weight noinfofound


  • Receiver Sensitivity noinfofound
  • Power Supply noinfofound
  • Current Consumption noinfofound
  • Operating Temperature noinfofound
  • Dimensions noinfofound
  • Weight noinfofound

User Generated Content

  • Accepts GPX Files noinfofound
  • Waypoints noinfofound
  • Routes noinfofound
  • Geocaches noinfofound
  • Legs Per Route noinfofound
  • Paperless Geocaching noinfofound
  • Picture Viewer noinfofound
  • Tracks noinfofound
  • Points Per Track noinfofound
  • User Data Online Sharing noinfofound
  • Activity History noinfofound
  • Activity Totals noinfofound
  • Laps noinfofound
  • Locations/Waypoints noinfofound
  • File Format noinfofound
  • Magellan Active Compatible noinfofound
  • Third-Party Website Compatlble noinfofound
  • User Login noinfofound
  • Driving status & report noinfofound
  • Stores Waypoints noinfofound
  • Stores Tracks noinfofound
  • Stores Routes noinfofound


  • Core Fitness Data noinfofound
  • Training Alerts noinfofound
  • Auto Pause noinfofound
  • Auto Lap noinfofound
  • Customizable Activity Profiles noinfofound
  • Customizable Activity Screens noinfofound
  • Quick Info Screens noinfofound
  • Multisport Mode noinfofound
  • Activity Pacer noinfofound
  • Heart Rate Based Calorie Calculation noinfofound
  • Quick Start noinfofound

Interface & Communications

  • Communication Protocol noinfofound
  • USB Port noinfofound
  • NMEA Output noinfofound
  • PC Compatible noinfofound
  • MAC Compatible noinfofound
  • Bluetooth noinfofound
  • Wi-Fi noinfofound
  • Cellular noinfofound
  • Satellite Messaging noinfofound
  • ANT+ noinfofound
  • Charging/Data Transfer noinfofound
  • Trainer Control Support (ANT+) noinfofound
  • Phone Message Alert noinfofound
  • Bluetooth Version noinfofound


  • Heart Rate Monitor (ANT+) noinfofound
  • Foot Pod Compatible (ANT+) noinfofound
  • Bike Speed/Cadence Compatible (ANT+) noinfofound
  • Power Meter Compatible (ANT+) noinfofound
  • Multisport Mounting Kit Compatible noinfofound
  • Includes Heart Rate Monitor - Bluetooth Smart noinfofound


  • Operating System iPhone 3GS & iPod touch 2nd gen are not supported. Users must upgrade to iOS 5 to use the Magellan On-The-Go App.
  • Processor noinfofound
  • RAM noinfofound
  • Video Card noinfofound
  • Disk Space noinfofound

Gerber Knife

  • Overall Length noinfofound
  • Closed Length noinfofound
  • Blade Length noinfofound
  • Weight noinfofound
  • Blade Composition noinfofound

Interface & Communications

  • Audible Alerts and Notifications noinfofound
  • Wireless Communication noinfofound
  • Fitness App Controls noinfofound
  • Music Controls noinfofound


  • App Data in Real-time noinfofound
  • Mobile App Compatibility noinfofound
  • Phone Compatibility noinfofound

Activity Tracking

  • Step Tracking noinfofound
  • Sleep Tracking noinfofound
  • Walk and run activities (without location) noinfofound
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