About Us


We Put People 1st
Being a People 1st company is about creating a shared set of values that govern the way we treat our customers, manage each other, encourage, guide, innovate, and work together. These are the keys to our success and as an employee you are an essential part of driving that success. From compensation plans to benefits, we aim to attract and retain the very best talent, motivating employees by focusing on the contributions of the team and individuals.

Why Work for Magellan?

Because we stand firmly by our values:

Develop people
People are our principal resource. We empower team members through our people management system. Our management teams take on the responsibility of developing the skills and careers of our employees. Magellan strives to be an "employer of choice."

Behave as entrepreneurs and innovators
We encourage proactive decisiveness and calculated risk-taking to achieve growth. Courage and passion are essential. We will be quick to decide, and quick to implement, creating measurable value through technology, systems, and service innovation.

Perform through teaming
Teaming with our customers, partners and suppliers allows us to create superior solutions. We aim to be responsive, effective and are able to work in multinational, multicultural environments.

Share knowledge
The creation of knowledge and the obligation to share it are crucial to our success. We encourage proactive communication and the creation of a knowledge network, while maintaining absolute respect for customer security and privacy.

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