PhantomALERT Premium

  • Safety & Traffic Ticket Alerts: PhantomALERT Premium provides alerts to help you avoid speed traps, dangerous intersections, speeding ticket cameras, red light cameras, and more.
  • Massive Database: PhantomALERT’s database is the largest in the world, the most accurate, and constantly verified and updated. Drivers can also add to the database by sharing and verifying Points of Interest.
  • Avoid Accident-likely Locations: Receive alerts for areas with high numbers of reported accidents.
  • Premium Alerts: PhantomALERT Premium provides the full safety and ticket alerting feature-set of PhantomALERT.


  1 Year and 3 Year Subscriptions Available.

Price: $49.99

Your Price: $29.99 – $49.99

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PhantomALERT Premium is a must-have to keep you safe and ticket-free. Audio and visual warnings alert you of known road hazards and potential traffic ticket environments. PhantomALERT Premium warns you about: speed traps, dangerous intersections, speed-ticket cameras: fixed and mobile, school zones, red light cameras, railroad crossings, dangerous curves, and more.

PhantomALERT’s database is the largest in the world and is constantly verified and updated to provide you the most accurate information. Drivers can also add to the database by sharing Points of Interest (POI), giving points to featured locations and verifying information.

Avoid 1 traffic ticket and you will more than cover the cost of PhantomALERT Premium, the piece of mind you will have keeping safe while driving is priceless. Upgrade to PhantomALERT Premium and enjoy the full feature-set designed to keep you aware, safe, and ticket-free.

With PhantomALERT Premium you unlock the full feature-set of PhantomALERT which includes alerts for (in additional to Basic alerts): speed traps, combined cameras, school zones, mobile speed cameras, railroad crossings, dangerous curves, and dangerous intersections.

There are 2 versions of PhantomALERT, Basic and Premium. With the FREE PhantomALERT Basic, you receive alerts for red light cameras and fixed speed cameras, plus FREE PhantomALERT updates for 1 full year.

Note: PhantomALERT Basic subscribers receive alerts for red light cameras and fixed speed cameras, plus FREE PhantomALERT Basic updates for 1 year. The Basic subscription information up to the most current update will remain on your GPS navigator, even past the 1 year mark. For best performance, please make sure your GPS navigator has the latest updates from Content Manager.


PhantomALERT Premium Subscription will alert for:

  • Red Light Cameras: PhantomALERT will alert you of red light cameras, helping you to avoid expensive traffic tickets.
  • Fixed Speed CamerasSpeedCameras: PhantomALERT helps avoid costly speed camera tickets by providing audible and visual alerts.
  • Speed Traps: While others may get caught in speed traps, you will not with advanced speed trap alerts from PhantomALERT.
  • Combined Cameras: PhantomALERT will alert you of sophisticated systems of cameras that use software to capture images and data about drivers speeding and/or running red lights.
  • Dangerous Intersections: Receive alerts to keep you safe and aware of dangerous intersections.
  • Mobile Speed Cameras: Mobile speed cameras can be set up almost anywhere you drive, catching drivers by surprise. With PhantomALERT Premium you can relax knowing you will receive alerts for mobile speed cameras.
  • School Zones: Receiving alerts about school zones can not only prevent driving accidents, but can also prevent you from getting very expensive speeding tickets.
  • Railroad Crossings: PhantomALERT’s audible and visual alerts safely make you aware of railroad crossings.
  • Dangerous Curves: Dangerous curves can put your safety at risk. Stay safe and prepared with dangerous curves alerts from PhantomALERT.
  • Product Number PhantomALERT Premium Subscription


  • Dimensions (English) noinfofound
  • Dimensions (Metric) noinfofound
  • Weight (English) noinfofound
  • Weight (Metric) noinfofound
  • Battery Type noinfofound
  • Battery Life noinfofound
  • Camera noinfofound
  • Flashlight noinfofound
  • Microphone noinfofound
  • Waterproof noinfofound
  • Speaker noinfofound
  • Stereo Audio Jack noinfofound
  • Available User Storage noinfofound
  • CPU noinfofound
  • Expandable Memory noinfofound
  • Temperature Range (F) noinfofound
  • Temperature Range (C) noinfofound
  • Suspend Mode noinfofound
  • Internal Memory noinfofound
  • Audio/Video Input noinfofound
  • SD Slot noinfofound
  • Water-Resistance noinfofound
  • Vibrate noinfofound
  • Watch Mode noinfofound
  • Package Contents noinfofound


  • Display Resolution, WxH noinfofound
  • Screen Size noinfofound
  • Display Type noinfofound
  • Touch Screen noinfofound
  • Invertible Screen noinfofound

GPS & Sensors

  • GPS Accuracy noinfofound
  • High-Sensitivity GPS noinfofound
  • Barometric Altimeter noinfofound
  • Temperature noinfofound
  • Antenna Type noinfofound
  • 3-Axis Electronic Compass noinfofound
  • External Antenna noinfofound
  • WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS noinfofound
  • Percentage Grade noinfofound
  • G-sensor or Accelerometer noinfofound
  • GPS and Time Stamp noinfofound

Mapping & Navigation

  • Preloaded Maps noinfofound
  • Uploadable Maps noinfofound
  • Points of Interest noinfofound
  • Turn-by-Turn Routing No
  • Vertical Profile noinfofound
  • Area Calculation noinfofound
  • Hunt & Fish Calendar noinfofound
  • Sun & Moon Information noinfofound
  • Tide & Current Tables noinfofound
  • Coordinates Systems & Datums noinfofound
  • User Grid noinfofound
  • Lifetime Traffic Alerts noinfofound
  • Highway Lane Assist noinfofound
  • Map Updates noinfofound
  • Multi-Destination Routing No
  • OneTouch Favorites Menu No
  • Speed Limits noinfofound
  • Spoken Street Names noinfofound
  • Audible Proximity Alarms noinfofound
  • Silent Proximity Alarms noinfofound
  • Traffic Wake-Up noinfofound
  • Periodic Reporting No
  • Branded POIs noinfofound
  • POIs Along Route noinfofound
  • Smart City Search noinfofound
  • Smart Detour noinfofound
  • QWERTY/ABCD Keyboard noinfofound
  • Find Your Car noinfofound
  • Pedestrian Mode noinfofound
  • TourDirector noinfofound
  • Landscape/Portrait Mode noinfofound
  • Navionics? Map Compatible noinfofound
  • Good Sam/Trailer Life Directory noinfofound
  • RV/Truck route noinfofound
  • Customize Vehicle Profile noinfofound
  • Breadcrumb Navigation noinfofound
  • Back to Start/Location noinfofound
  • Landmark Guidance noinfofound
  • Portrait/Landscape mode noinfofound
  • Bluetooth Safe Texting noinfofound
  • Junction view noinfofound
  • Best Parking noinfofound
  • Traffic Camera Alerts by PhantomALERT noinfofound
  • Yelp Integration noinfofound
  • Foursquare Integration noinfofound
  • Gas Prices noinfofound
  • Weather noinfofound
  • Active Route Pause noinfofound
  • Customizable Screens noinfofound
  • Backtrack Navigation noinfofound
  • Data & Route Recording noinfofound
  • Surprise Me™ noinfofound
  • Coordinates Entry noinfofound
  • Truck POIs noinfofound
  • RV Dump Stations noinfofound
  • Advance Weather & Alerts noinfofound
  • Yellow Sign Alerts noinfofound
  • Toll Booth Alerts noinfofound


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  • Resolution noinfofound
  • Vertical View angle noinfofound
  • Horizontal View angle noinfofound
  • Output Image noinfofound
  • Power Supply noinfofound
  • Ingress Rating noinfofound
  • Dimensions noinfofound
  • Weight noinfofound
  • Operating Temperature noinfofound
  • Rotation noinfofound
  • Parking Watch Mode noinfofound
  • Camera Mode noinfofound
  • Lens noinfofound


  • Frequency noinfofound
  • RF Output Power noinfofound
  • Power Supply noinfofound
  • Current Consumption noinfofound
  • Weather Proof noinfofound
  • Operating Temperature noinfofound
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  • Weight noinfofound


  • Receiver Sensitivity noinfofound
  • Power Supply noinfofound
  • Current Consumption noinfofound
  • Operating Temperature noinfofound
  • Dimensions noinfofound
  • Weight noinfofound

User Generated Content

  • Accepts GPX Files noinfofound
  • Waypoints noinfofound
  • Routes noinfofound
  • Geocaches noinfofound
  • Legs Per Route noinfofound
  • Paperless Geocaching noinfofound
  • Picture Viewer noinfofound
  • Tracks noinfofound
  • Points Per Track noinfofound
  • User Data Online Sharing noinfofound
  • Activity History noinfofound
  • Activity Totals noinfofound
  • Laps noinfofound
  • Locations/Waypoints noinfofound
  • File Format noinfofound
  • Magellan Active Compatible noinfofound
  • Third-Party Website Compatlble noinfofound
  • User Login noinfofound
  • Driving status & report noinfofound
  • Stores Waypoints noinfofound
  • Stores Tracks noinfofound
  • Stores Routes noinfofound


  • Core Fitness Data noinfofound
  • Training Alerts noinfofound
  • Auto Pause noinfofound
  • Auto Lap noinfofound
  • Customizable Activity Profiles noinfofound
  • Customizable Activity Screens noinfofound
  • Quick Info Screens noinfofound
  • Multisport Mode noinfofound
  • Activity Pacer noinfofound
  • Heart Rate Based Calorie Calculation noinfofound
  • Quick Start noinfofound

Interface & Communications

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  • USB Port noinfofound
  • NMEA Output noinfofound
  • PC Compatible noinfofound
  • MAC Compatible noinfofound
  • Bluetooth noinfofound
  • Wi-Fi noinfofound
  • Cellular noinfofound
  • Satellite Messaging noinfofound
  • ANT+ noinfofound
  • Charging/Data Transfer noinfofound
  • Trainer Control Support (ANT+) noinfofound
  • Phone Message Alert noinfofound
  • Bluetooth Version noinfofound


  • Heart Rate Monitor (ANT+) noinfofound
  • Foot Pod Compatible (ANT+) noinfofound
  • Bike Speed/Cadence Compatible (ANT+) noinfofound
  • Power Meter Compatible (ANT+) noinfofound
  • Multisport Mounting Kit Compatible noinfofound
  • Includes Heart Rate Monitor - Bluetooth Smart noinfofound


  • Operating System noinfofound
  • Processor noinfofound
  • RAM noinfofound
  • Video Card noinfofound
  • Disk Space noinfofound

Gerber Knife

  • Overall Length noinfofound
  • Closed Length noinfofound
  • Blade Length noinfofound
  • Weight noinfofound
  • Blade Composition noinfofound

Interface & Communications

  • Audible Alerts and Notifications noinfofound
  • Wireless Communication noinfofound
  • Fitness App Controls noinfofound
  • Music Controls noinfofound


  • App Data in Real-time noinfofound
  • Mobile App Compatibility noinfofound
  • Phone Compatibility noinfofound

Activity Tracking

  • Step Tracking noinfofound
  • Sleep Tracking noinfofound
  • Walk and run activities (without location) noinfofound
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