PhantomALERT Premium

Drive Alert, Safer and Ticket Free

PhantomALERT is a must-have to keep you safe and ticket-free. Audible and visual warnings alert you of known road hazards and potential traffic ticket environments.

1-year Premium
3-year Premium

Receive Audible and Visual Warnings for...

Red Light Cameras

PhantomALERT will alert you of Red Light Cameras, helping you avoid expensive traffic tickets.

Fixed Speed Cameras
PhantomALERT helps avoid costly speed camera tickets by providing audible and visual alerts.
Speed Traps
While others may get caught in speed traps, you will not with advanced speed trap alerts from PhantomALERT.
Combined Cameras
PhantomALERT will alert you of sophisticated systems of cameras that use software to capture images and data about drivers speeding and/or running red lights.
Dangerous Intersections
Receive alerts to keep you safe and aware of dangerous intersections.
Mobile Speed Cameras
Mobile speed cameras can be set up almost anywhere you drive, catching drivers by surprise. With PhantomALERT you can relax knowing you will receive alerts for mobile speed cameras.
School Zones
Receiving alerts about school zones can not only prevent driving accidents, but can also prevent you from getting very expensive speeding tickets.
Railroad Crossings
PhantomALERT’s audible and visual alerts safely make you aware of railroad crossings.
Speed Bumps
Drive over speed bumps aware and prepared with alerts from PhantomALERT.
Dangerous Curves Dangerous Curves
Dangerous curves can put your safety at risk. Stay safe and prepared with dangerous curves alerts from PhantomALERT.

RoadMate Models Compatible with PhantomALERT Premium:

* Note: PhantomALERT Basic subscribers receive alerts for red light cameras and fixed speed cameras, plus FREE PhantomALERT updates for 1 year. The Basic subscription information up to the most current update will remain on your GPS device, even past the 1 year mark. For best performance, please make sure your device has the latest updates from Content Manager.