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Magellan eXplorist 110 GPS Review 2013

Magellan GPS recently launched a new Outdoor Resource Center that features stories and reviews from all over the internet, and we were lucky enough to be a part of it by writing some posts. Since we were also headed to Mt Whitney, they let us take along a couple GPS’s to test and see how well they performed. This review is of the entry level model in their family of outdoor GPS’s called the eXplorist 110.

This GPS has a lot of unique features such as a sunlight readable color display, pre-loaded maps, and a battery that lasts 18 hours. Here are the specifications.

eXplorist on Mt. Whitney


  • Dimensions 2.2? x 4.4? x 1.4?
  • Weight 5.20z
  • Battery Type 2xAA
  • Battery Life 18 Hours
  • Waterproof IPX-7
  • Available User Storage 500 MB/Not Applicable
  • CPU 233MHz
  • Temperature Range (F)14F to 140F
  • Suspend Mode Yes
  • Internal Memory 2 GB


  • Display Resolution, WxHQVGA, 240 x 320
  • Screen Size 2.2?


  • Accepts GPX Files Yes
  • Waypoints 500
  • Routes 25
  • Geocaches 500
  • Legs Per Route 25
  • Paperless GeocachingYes
  • Tracks 10
  • Points Per Track 5000
  • User Data Online Sharing Yes

I had never used a GPS before other then the EveryTrail app on my phone, so the hardest thing for me was the learning curve of figuring out how to use it. I still don’t think I have fully unlocked all of the cool things that it can do, but we were able to start and successfully track our trip up Mt Whitney with it as you can see here. The device did last the entire time we were on the trail as well, without having to change the batteries, this was a plus.


After using it I realized how much better having a GPS is for long trips like this, as my phone will always die within a day, and being able to bring back up batteries in case the GPS dies was crucial. I was told that if you replace the batteries on your GPS you can still start up the same trail you were on before they died which is not something you can do with a phone.


The eXplorist 110 also has a cool feature called suspend mode. this mode is really helpful in maintaining the battery life, as it simply puts the device to sleep while still allowing it to track where you are. This is really important if you are doing a long trail as you can suspend it while walking and still have an accurate reading without drain the battery.

eXplorist Close Up

The device itself is small and weighs around 5 ounces. This is nice as it is easy to carry and you do not really notice the weight. Some of the other units have a lot more features then this one does, but you will pay for the features with extra weight. Added weight is fine on day hikes, but every ounce counts when backpacking long distances. Here is the size difference between the eXplorist 110 and 610.

eXplorist Comparisons

This device doesn’t have a touch screen, but the buttons are responsive and seem to work well. All in all I am excited to take this device out on a couple more hikes so I can get used to its features and see what else it can do. Barring the learning curve, which was pretty high for me, I feel like it is a great entry level GPS for people looking to get reliable tracking without spending a ton of money. You can purchase it here for $129.99. Let me know in the comments if you have used it before and what you thought.

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