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Magellan Led Us to Our New Family Member! 2013

Contributor: Christina Hartz

After seeing an ad for puppies in our local paper, my husband, son and I took a ride to go check them out. My husband is as equally directionally challenged as I am, so this adventure would have not had a good outcome had it not been for the trusty Magellan!

The puppies were 50 miles away and the drive involved several farms, back streets that all looked the same, windy roads, and eventually a mountainous dirt road with rough terrain that required a four wheel drive vehicle.

Cute Dog

At the time I didn't own a Magellan, so my brother was kind enough to lend me his. The Magellan led us straight to our new best friend! She is an Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix named Karlie! Thanks, Magellan!

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