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Up, Down, In, Out and Around! 2013

Contributor: Mark Chase

I was introduced to Geocaching at the 2010 Boy Scout Jamboree. When I came home, I told my family about it had I've been hooked since. I have made incredible lifelong friends while caching.

Man Climbing Up Hole

We were introduced to the explorist GC as Kermit at an event and had to get one! Kermit has gone to over 20 states, found over 5000 geocaches, been to Canada, Niagara Falls, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Kermit has been to the highest point in 5 states, from the Appalachian to Columbian Plateau.

Mark with a Tree

Kermit has been up trees, in trees, down manholes, caves, over and under bridges, swamps, historic sites, quarries, and even abandoned factories.

Mark Kneeling

Kermit has been dropped from 50 feet and survived well! Dropped in the Uwharrie River and stayed dry. Kermit has taught teachers and scouts how to cache as well.

Kermit is on it's way to nearly one cache a day for 1000 days in a row, less than 90 days to go!

Thanks Magellan for a GREAT device.

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