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Fishing in the Bahamas 2013

Contributor: Josh McNair, From: Epic Adventurer

One of the top things to do when traveling in the Bahamas is to take a ship out into the ocean and see what type of fish you can pull in. Spanish Wells, the island that I was on is the lobster capitol of the Bahamas and has about as much seafood as you can possibly imagine. When we were there we could buy large lobster tails for 9 dollars a piece and crab claws for 10 dollars a pound. These are amazing prices for some of the best seafood I have had in my entire life. However, if you have more of an adventurous spirit you can go out on the water with some of the islands captains and see what you can bring in for yourself.

Fishing Boat Fishing in the Bahamas

On our trip we went with Ryan and he was a great dude that really cared about showing us a good time and helping us catch some fish. We called around and found that all of the captians charge the same thing, it was $550 when we were there, for 4 to 6 people, so we went with the one that seemed the nicest on the phone.

Bahamas Fishing Fishing in the Bahamas

Ryan had been fishing off the island for all of his life and he knew the best spots to find the fish. Within an hour we already had two Califonia Yellow Tail Tuna in the boat and by the time we were done,we had 8 yellow tail and 2 trigger fish. It was a great catch for a boat of four people and it yeailed so much fish that we donated two thirds of it to the captain to disperse to the people on the island that needed it. Where we were finish was so clear you could see the fish swimming under the water, and we even saw a shark when we were over one of the more shallow reefs.

Catching fish in the bahamas Fishing in the Bahamas

Where we went was about 5 miles off shore by some reefs and though we could still see the land we were close to the line that cruise ships were taking off of the island. When we went, the water did not have a lot of movement but the normal sweels of the ocean. For a member of our crew this was enough to have him hurling over the side of the boat so make sure you do your due diligence before you head out if you are prone to getting sea sick. It is a miserable day on the ocean for you if you throw up the whole time.

Catching a fish in the bahamas Fishing in the Bahamas

Yellow Tail Tuna Fishing in the Bahamas

Also to note when we were cleaning the fish we saw a baracuda, a 4 foot wingspan sting ray and two different sharks swim into the boat dock, so make sure you stick around to see what comes in to feed as this is not an over fished area so there is still the opportunities to see likes of unique sea life.

Cutting fish Fishing in the Bahamas

stingray eating tuna Fishing in the Bahamas

All in all, fishing in the Bahamas is a must. It is an adventure that leads to a different aspect of island life and allows you to catch some fish while you are at it.

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