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No New Cars Required: New Magellan GPS Systems Delivers State-of-the- Art Navigation and 50% More Nationwide Map Detail in Any Vehicle

Customers Can Travel Confidently and Keep Their Eyes on the Road with Audible, Accurate Turn-by-Turn Directions from the New Magellan 750 Plus Series

Santa Clara, Calif.   (April 07, 2003) Business and leisure travelers can now get fast, reliable guidance to nearly every address in the continental U.S. with the new portable Magellan® 750MTM Plus and the 750NAVTM Plus vehicle navigation systems. The Magellan 750 Plus series is new this month from Thales Navigation, a leading global provider of GPS solutions, including Magellan consumer products and aftermarket vehicle navigation solutions such as the popular Hertz NeverLost®. The Magellan 750 Plus series makes it easier than ever to avoid getting lost with more of the information and tools customers need to make door-to-door driving effortless. With the extensive map detail, drivers can get routes to destinations in more U.S. cities than ever and most large cities in Canada, compared to less than 60% of all addresses previously available from map data providers.

The Magellan 750M Plus and 750Nav Plus not only deliver 1.5 million miles of verified navigable data, each unit contains an accuracy-enhanced, 12-channel GPS receiver that ensures faster system activation, reliable signal reception and extreme positioning precision, compared to previous models with an 8-channel receiver. This advanced functionality, combined with the flexibility of a portable system, ensures travelers will have peace of mind and the timesaving convenience of knowing how to get to their destination quickly and safely - in any vehicle.

"Thales Navigation is proud to offer this important data upgrade in our popular aftermarket products so Magellan customers don't have to buy a new car to get a state-of-the-art vehicle navigation system," said Lonnie Arima, vice president of consumer sales and marketing for Thales Navigation. "Our customers can be assured they'll get the most accurate, seamless directions to virtually any routable address - even places in small U.S. cities."

Magellan vehicle navigation systems are ideal solutions for road warriors, frequent travelers, multi-vehicle families, soccer moms, fleet and lease-car operators, and recreational vehicle owners. The Magellan 750M Plus is a lightweight, fully portable solution that sets up in seconds for use in any vehicle - without the cost and inconvenience of installation. Its antenna ensures a strong GPS signal reception so users can place the system nearly anywhere inside the vehicle. The 750NAV Plus offers the same features and solutions for drivers who prefer a permanently installed system that is also transportable between vehicles equipped with the proper mounts.

The Magellan 750 Plus series' color display shows the driver's position on a moving map of streets and highways and shows the route in several formats. Drivers can choose the fastest or shortest route, or exclude routes where there is traffic or construction. The systems automatically recalculate a route after a missed turn. In addition, an off-road navigation function is available for drivers traveling to and from destinations not typically found on road maps.

Other beneficial features include a personal address book for storing up to 100 destinations; a directory of services available at each highway exit; and an instant locate screen to see your exact location, which is essential for emergency situations. Traveling also becomes fun and easy with the Magellan 750 Plus series' searchable database of more than half a million Points of Interest so users can plan driving tours or drive like a local in unfamiliar places - straight to banks, gas stations, restaurants, shops, lodging, entertainment and much more.

About Thales Navigation
Thales Navigation is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of positioning, navigation and guidance equipment with global operations. Thales Navigation markets its Magellan brand GPS solutions in the consumer electronics, recreation, and automotive markets, and its GPS and GNSS professional products in the survey, GIS/Mapping, and OEM markets. Through its joint venture with Hertz, Thales Navigation has developed the Hertz NeverLost® vehicle navigation system. Thales Navigation's key innovations include the first U.S. commercial hand-held GPS receiver for positioning and navigation, and the first handheld GPS with industry standard Secure Digital Memory Card capabilities.

Thales Navigation, headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. with European headquarters in Carquefou, France, is a subsidiary of Thales, a world leader in professional electronics in three key markets: Aerospace, Defense and Information Technology & Services (IT&S). The Group employs 60,000 people in nearly 50 countries worldwide, and generated revenues of over $11 billion in 2002. For more information, visit

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