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Magellan GPS Companion for the Palm m500 Series Combines Vehicle Navigation with a Powerful Personal GPS Solution

First GPS Solution for Palm Users that Provides 12 Hours of Continuous Use, and Accuracy to Within 3 meters through WAAS and EGNOS

Hannover - CeBIT   (March 15, 2002) Thales (tal-less) Navigation, a leading global provider of GPS solutions including Magellan® and Ashtech® product lines, is working with Palm, Inc., the leading provider of handheld computers, and Palmtop Software, Europe's best name in mapping for handheld computers, to introduce the first GPS solution for PalmTM users that provides 12 hours of continuous use - five times the usage time of competitive products. This represents the most efficient power management available in a handheld add-on GPS solution. Additionally, the Magellan GPS CompanionTM for the Palm m500 series is the only Palm GPS companion that provides accuracy to within 3 meters in Europe through WAAS and EGNOS compatibility.

"The Magellan GPS Companion for the Palm m500 series underscores the Thales Navigation commitment to providing leading GPS solutions for the global consumer electronics market," said Lonnie Arima, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing. "This offering reflects the powerful combination of the first name in GPS, the leader in handheld computing, and the leader in mapping for handhelds, and provides consumers with a compelling GPS solution that offers an unprecedented level of convenience and accuracy."

The new offering not only gives Palm m500 handheld users a vehicle navigation solution, but provides consumers a powerful personal GPS solution that keeps them going in the city and off-road. It features TomTom® CityMaps and TomTom RoutePlanner from Palmtop Software, and Magellan NAV Companion® software. In addition to superior power management, the Magellan GPS Companion lets users calculate a route in a Palm handheld and provides instructions and GPS guidance on a moving map. This solution enables users to calculate a new route on the spot, without a PC or Internet connection.

Available Spring 2002, the Magellan GPS Companion for the Palm m500 series and TomTom CityMaps and TomTom RoutePlanner will give Palm handheld users the ability to travel with the confidence of knowing where they are, exactly how to get where they're going, and a GPS solution that will keep working when they need it.

The Magellan GPS Companion provides a level of accuracy not available in other Palm GPS add-ons in Europe. Through the use of Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) and European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System (EGNOS) satellite correction signals the Magellan GPS Companion ensures the most accurate position fixes possible so users know their location within 3 meters with a position update every second.

"We are very excited to work with Thales Navigation and to use the combined knowledge of Thales Navigation and TomTom to develop sophisticated yet easy-to-use products that will help people in their every day life to get from A to B in a convenient way," said Harold Goddijn, CEO of Palmtop Software.

"The power of expandability in the Palm m500 series, including the new Palm m515 color handheld, continues to astound with valuable capabilities, such as the vehicle navigation capabilities that the Magellan GPS Companion now brings to our users," said Paul Leeper, director of Market Development, Custom Solutions, Palm, Inc. "Not only are we thrilled that Thales Navigation is committed to building quality GPS products for Palm handhelds, but we're excited that customers will be able to combine the functionality of their Palm m500 series handhelds with Magellan's GPS Companion."

Magellan's own NAV CompanionTM software provides comprehensive navigation information so Palm handheld users can turn their handheld into a traditional GPS receiver for finding their way in off-road areas. Great for customers who enjoy outdoor recreation activities, such as hiking, climbing, off-road driving and biking,

Consumers use TomTom CityMaps and TomTom RoutePlanner on their Palm handheld to create and receive route-planning information. Maps are matched with satellite navigation information from the Magellan GPS Companion receiver to show the user's position on a map and show the real-time movement of the user. The Magellan GPS Companion with TomTom CityMaps and TomTom RoutePlanner software delivers a text version of the complete list of directions.

NAV Companion provides an analog speedometer, a digital compass, and waypoint and route management capabilities so users can store location information and find their way to and from a destination that doesn't appear on conventional maps.

The Magellan GPS Companion features a lightweight, cordless, 12-parallel-channel GPS receiver that attaches to the Palm Universal Connector at the base of the Palm m500 series handheld for fast position acquisition and satellite tracking, even in urban canyons or under trees. The Magellan GPS Companion communicates with the Palm handheld through the serial port, leaving the expansion card slot available for map downloads. The Magellan GPS Companion uses two AAA batteries and for added convenience during extended travel, an optional 12V power cable features a built-in Palm charger.

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Magellan and Ashtech are registered trademarks of Thales Navigation. GPS Companion and NAV Companion are trademarks of Thales Navigation. Palm OS is a registered trademark and Palm is a trademark of Palm, Inc. or its subsidiaries. TomTom CityMaps and RoutePlanner are registered trademarks of PalmTop Software.

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