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New Magellan GPS Chart Plotters from Thales Navigation Take Advantage of Most Advanced Marine Cartography

Now Available in Europe, with North America Availability in Early 2003, FX324 MAP, FX324 MAP Color Are First to Use New Navionics-based Seamless Cartography

Paris Boat Show, Paris   (December 05, 2002) Thales (TAL-less) Navigation, a leading global provider of GPS solutions including the Magellan® brand consumer product line and Thales Navigation professional GPS products, announced today the introduction of two feature-packed GPS chart plotters with the most up-to-date, detailed marine cartography available. The Magellan FX324 MAPTM and FX324 MAP Color plotters are designed to use new Magellan MapSend® BlueNavTM, the new generation of charts derived from Navionics® marine charts that provide seamless cartography with superior clarity. The new fixed-mount FX324 MAP series proves you can get professional-grade navigation and electronic charting capabilities even if you don't have a big boat - or a big budget.

Sold separately, the exclusive MapSend BlueNav charts deliver larger, more detailed coverage areas through preloaded Secure Digital (SD) memory cards. This line of marine charts is designed not only for the new Magellan GPS chart plotters, but also for SporTrakTM Pro, Meridian® Marine, Meridian Gold, Meridian Platinum and the brand new Meridian Color handheld receivers.

A result of the successful integration of Magellan and MLR innovation and technology expertise, the Magellan FX324 MAP and FX324 MAP Color come preloaded with worldwide base maps of coastlines and tidal function/water level information for hundreds of worldwide ports. Charts can be used with receivers in two ways: For receivers that feature a Secure Digital Card (SD Card) reader, MapSend BlueNav Charts are available through preloaded SD Cards. For receivers that do not feature an SD Card reader, charts can be downloaded through Magellan's "Choose and Load" feature. Users can select a chart from the MapSend BlueNav CD-ROM and load it directly onto their handheld receiver via a serial port connection. Different regions of the same Europe or North America map can be downloaded separately - all from the same software program.

"With the introduction of the FX324 MAP, FX324 MAP Color and Magellan MapSend BlueNav charting software, we've renewed our commitment to provide serious mariners with easy-to-use, full-featured GPS chart plotters, and at a very competitive price," said Lonnie Arima, Thales Navigation Vice President of Consumer Sales and Marketing.

The FX324 MAP delivers a five-inch, backlit, 1/4-VGA (320 X 240 pixels) monochrome LCD display with four levels of gray scale. The FX324 MAP Color offers the same high resolution in an advanced 16-color TFT screen to provide vibrant color charting and navigation data on the five-inch display.

Engineered for performance in harsh marine environments, the chart plotters have a waterproof case that houses a 12-parallel-channel GPS receiver and an internal Quadrifilar Helix antenna for superior satellite reception in open-boat installations. An external high-performance antenna is also provided for installation on enclosed boats. In addition, the WAAS and EGNOS-enabled receiver provides up to one-meter accuracy - a major advantage when navigating a hazardous channel or setting up on a small wreck for a day of fishing or diving.

A backlit, alphanumeric keypad and cursor key provide exclusive Direct Access technology for fast access to all GPS settings, navigation functions and plotter features -including pop-up windows for waypoint and navigation aids descriptions. The FX324 MAP Series provides the boater with a wealth of information, including position, speed over ground, course over ground, range & bearing, time to go, velocity to destination, estimated time of arrival, cross track error and more. It can store up to 1000 waypoints, 30 routes of up to 50 waypoints each and six tracks of 1000 routes. Users can also create their own waypoints and routes by using the cursor directly on the chart. All of this chart information can then be downloaded onto SD Cards.

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