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Magellan MapSendTM Topo USA Offers Unmatched Topographic Capabilities for GPS Handhelds

MapSend Topo Delivers Advanced Design, Performance and Flexibility

Santa Clara, Calif.   (April 24, 2001) Magellan Corporation announced today a June 2001 release of MapSendTM Topo USA, the premier product designed to provide all-digital, interactive, fully searchable, topographic capabilities both on a desktop and in a GPS receiver. Whether at home, hiking, off-road driving or mountain climbing, MapSend Topo USA delivers instantaneous elevation data, vertical elevation profile graphs, waypoint and route creation tools, and more. It contains some of the most comprehensive databases available including nationwide street maps, trails, lakes, rivers, topographic points of interest, Woodall's® Campgrounds database and a true digital elevation model (DEM) database derived from U.S. Geological Survey DEM data.

"We're setting a new industry standard," said Steve Schneider, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for consumer products. "While existing products either offer static, scanned background charts or digital data that can't be downloaded to the GPS unit, MapSend Topo offers far more advanced features for both computers and GPS units ¾ like elevation contour lines that dynamically update as the user zooms in and out. MapSend Topo frees users to get up from the computer and get outdoors without losing the ability to access interactive Topo data ¾ when and where they need it most."

MapSend Topo simplifies route planning and navigation during outdoor activities with features that help users determine the terrain along routes, or find alternate routes when the terrain is too steep or impassable. Users can access a graph profiling the vertical line of elevation along routes, roads, trails or other linear map features. In addition, users can search the database using names, addresses or coordinates to pinpoint streets, campgrounds, trails, rivers, lakes and 50 other categories of topographic points of interest from parks and oilfields to summits and caves.

Because MapSend Topo uses state-of-the-art data-compression, users can also be assured of gaining extremely large map areas when downloading data. In addition, Magellan's compatible GPS receivers have a large built-in memory capacity of 16 MB. Of the 16 MB, 7 MB is available for downloading Topo data in the MAP 330MTM and 8 MB is available in the MAP 330TM , which is also sold as part of the MAP 330XTM bundled package.

MapSend Topo software ships with a Quick Reference Guide. Compatible Magellan MAP 330, MAP 330M and MAP 330X products are sold separately. For retail locations, call Magellan Customer Service toll free at 800-669-4477.

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