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Magellan's New GPS Companion Guides Palm V Handheld Users in the Wilderness and the City

GPS Companion, The Most Affordable, Versatile Navigation Accessory for the Palm V Series of Handhelds and IBM Workpad

Santa Clara, Calif.   (October 02, 2000) Magellan Corporation, a leading manufacturer of Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, announces the new GPS CompanionTM ¾ a compact, lightweight receiver that easily attaches, without cables, to the PalmTM V and Palm Vx handheld computers and the IBM Workpad®. With the accompanying free MAP CompanionTM and NAV CompanionTM software, the GPS Companion provides satellite navigation information and detailed street maps of the entire U.S. for customers traveling in the city or exploring the great outdoors. For business or recreation, the GPS Companion and software offer mapping, navigation and information management solutions in a single device.

Magellan has packaged its 12-parallel-channel GPS technology in a sleek, stylish design that provides a comfortable fit. The GPS Companion is also the first GPS clip-on that does not require cables to connect to the IBM Workpad or Palm V/Vx handheld communications port. Pocket-sized and weighing less than four ounces, GPS Companion is the perfect go-anywhere navigation device for everyday use by mobile professionals, tourists and outdoor enthusiasts, such as hikers.

Users will be able to avoid the wasted time and frustration from getting lost as the GPS Companion easily guides them to a selected destination and makes it easy to find alternative routes. In addition, the clip-on's versatile design and standard interface allow users to further expand their Palm handheld computer's usefulness by interchanging compatible Palm OS® platform mapping software for applications such as golfing, tourism and more.

"The GPS Companion brings the power of satellite access technology to one of the world''s most popular handheld products," said Jeff Cable, vice president of worldwide marketing for Magellan. "By marrying these two technologies in a simple clip-on device, Magellan has created a productivity enhancement tool that no user of a Palm V series handheld should be without."

"We're pleased to have an industry leader like Magellan join us in offering high-quality, innovative products for Palm customers," said John Cook, director of consumer product marketing for Palm, Inc. "GPS products are convenient, time-saving navigation aids that benefit a wide range of people, from mobile professionals and sales teams to Palm customers traveling in town or off the beaten path."

The boxed GPS Companion and software set has a suggested retail price of $169.00. GPS Companion ships with a User/Quick Reference Guide, two AAA batteries and a CD-ROM containing MAP Companion and NAV Companion software. Palm handheld computers, from Palm, Inc., and the IBM Workpad, must be purchased separately.


GPS Companion, combined with the MAP Companion and NAV Companion software, allows users to see their position on a map, track a course, create waypoints and routes, and beam user-stored navigation data to another user's handheld computer. Users can also access navigation information such as speed, heading, altitude bearing and estimated time of arrival. Other features include convenient pull down menus and the ability to scroll through maps by dragging the Palm V handheld's stylus across the screen. Users can also load or remove several U.S. map regions as often as needed; use the "zoom" function to see street-level detail or entire counties; or use the "find" function to quickly locates streets, intersections and other map features. For convenience while traveling, map icons identify airports, lodging, train and bus stations, shopping centers, office buildings, hospitals, educational facilities and golf courses.


Optional accessories include a cigarette lighter adapter for extended in-vehicle operation. In addition, drivers can place the Palm V handheld and GPS Companion in the optional vehicle mounting bracket to enjoy a clear, hands-free view of the navigation screen. For safety reasons, the driver should not use thisdevice in a vehicle while in motion to assist the driver to navigate. Other optional accessories include canvas and hardcover carrying cases.

Special Rebate Offer

Retailers will offer an in-store coupon redeemable for a rebate of $20 from Magellan until December 31, 2000.

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