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Magellan Announces the GPS CompanionTM for the HandspringTM VisorTM

Affordable, Versatile Module Provides Detailed Mapping and Navigation

Santa Clara, Calif.   (November 10, 2000) Magellan Corporation, a leading manufacturer of Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, today announced its new GPS CompanionTM for the HandspringTM VisorTM handheld computer. This sleek, lightweight receiver attaches to the Visor''s SpringboardTM expansion slot to provide navigation information and detailed street maps of the entire United States. With the GPS Companion, the Visor becomes the perfect everyday navigation device for mobile professionals, tourists, outdoor enthusiasts and others who want to avoid getting lost. The GPS Companion is due to be released in early 2001.

Magellan has partnered with MarcoSoft, Inc. to provide GPS Companion''s exceptional mapping detail and versatility. MarcoSoft developed the MAP CompanionTM software exclusively for Magellan using the award-winning Quo VadisTM mapping software platform. Magellan''s own NAV CompanionTM software provides users with comprehensive navigation information, including an analog speedometer, a digital compass, and waypoint and route management capabilities. Users can also beam their saved data to other Visor handheld computers.

"Whether for business or recreation, the GPS Companion will give Handspring Visor users the very best mapping and navigation solution available in the U.S., all in a single device," said Steve Schneider, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for Magellan consumer products. "GPS Companion also has a versatile design and standard interface that offers users the flexibility of expanding the Visor''s usefulness by interchanging compatible third party mapping software applications," added Schneider.

"We are excited to see Magellan, a recognized leader in the development of GPS products, develop a location module for the Springboard platform," said Ed Colligan, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Handspring. "As we continue to evolve the Visor product line, adding new functionality to our handhelds, the Springboard platform will be a constant. Products like the GPS Companion are a key component of this strategy."

The boxed GPS Companion and software set has a suggested retail price of $180.00. Accessories and the Visor by Handspring, Inc. must be purchased separately.

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