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Magellan Corporation's DataSendTM; CDs Upgraded, Enhanced For 2000

More Points of Interest, New Waypoint/Route Management Function

SANTA CLARA, Calif.   (March 15, 2000) Magellan Corporation introduces three upgraded versions of its DataSend software ¯ the new Americas, Europe and Aviation CD-ROMS. Popular with travelers, aviators, mariners and outdoor enthusiasts, these GPS accessories now include thousands of new Points Of Interest (POIs) and a new waypoint and route management function. Now, users of Magellan's GPS 315 and 320 can not only expand their unit's database with useful information, such as worldwide cities, nautical navaids, and tourist sites, they can manipulate downloaded data to fit their specific needs.

With DataSend, the GPS 315 and GPS 320 become more than just navigators or locators - they become electronic information resources. Whether you''re customizing your GPS unit to help you find your way from city to city, determine how close you are to that favorite museum, or to navigate back to a favorite outdoor spot, DataSend makes it easier to get the information you need.

New for 2000, the improved DataSend AmericasTM CD gives you more information than ever. Magellan has added 300,000 new POIs to offer a total of more than 500,000 POIs in 35 categories, including hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. Furthermore, with DataSend's new waypoint and route management function, GPS 315/320 users can now download waypoints and routes to their PC, then use the software to edit the locations and create new routes to upload back into the hand-held receiver. Another enhancement is the software's ability to measure distance and compass bearing between points on the DataSend map with a simple mouse click.

The new DataSend EuropeTM software includes more than 20,000 new POIs from ETAK, a leading source for position/location data in Europe. Now the updated and new POIs total nearly 400,000. They include hotels, restaurants, ATMS, entertainment, beaches, golf courses, tourist attractions and services available near highway exits. DataSend Europe also includes the new waypoint and route management function.

The unique, new DataSend AviationTM CD features much more than updated Jeppesen information on worldwide airports and navaids. For the first time, users will have a United States listing of private airports and vertical obstructions from the FAA and NOS databases. The new waypoint and route management function is also included.

Magellan's DataSend series continues to provide the standard features and useful information that users enjoyed in the original versions. For example, GPS 315/320 users can still find various POIs, such as campgrounds or parks, on the PC and upload as many as nearly 20,000 of them at one time for use on the trail. Boaters and sailors can find marinas, harbors, buoys and other navaids and insert them into routes for future use. This convenient feature allows a quick transfer of important navaids without the laborious task of manually entering coordinates from a chart or book.

Another standard feature allows DataSend users to review regional POIs on their PCs prior to transferring data. As always, users can easily restore factory-set defaults or previously saved category and point listings. Also, along the route to their destination, users can find highway exits and services such as ATMs, restaurants and rest areas. Downloaded POIs will appear with key information including LAT/LON coordinates, addresses and phone numbers.

All three DataSend CDs are designed for use with Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT4.0 or higher software. DataSend Americas and Europe are available for the suggested retail price of $39.99. The Aviation version sells for a suggested retail price of $110. The required PC cable has a suggested price of $39.99.

Aviation Upgrade Program

Magellan is offering a special upgrade program for existing DataSend Aviation users. Upgrades to the new software will be available for only $50, with proof of ownership.

Introducing DataSaveTM, Free Software Download

Also new this year is Magellan's waypoint/route management program called DataSaveTM. Similar to DataSend, DataSave allows users to create waypoints and routes on a PC and transfer them to the compatible GPS receiver: the MAP 410, GPS 315 or GPS 320. For convenience, users can also save their important waypoints and routes from the GPS to the PC. A free DataSave download will soon be available under the Product Support section of Magellan's website at Those without Internet access will be able to purchase a CD version of DataSave for a nominal shipping and handling fee of $10.

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