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Magellan's New GPS 310TM Redefines Affordable Portable Receivers

Sets New Standard for Entry-Level GPS Navigators

Santa Clara, Calif.   (March 13, 2000) Magellan Corporation's new GPS 310TM sets a new standard for entry-level, hand-held satellite navigators. At a suggested retail price of just $119.99, this is the first entry-level GPS receiver that is waterproof, floats and offers the accuracy of a powerful, 12 parallel-channel receiver with communications capability. The GPS 310 features data output capabilities, making it compatible with most popular PC navigation software, and accepts real-time correction data (Differential GPS) to provide accuracy within 5 meters. In addition, each GPS 310 comes with a coupon that can be redeemed for a free data cable.

On land and offshore, Magellan's GPS 310 is perfect for use as a primary means of navigation or as a back up. Labeled keys on the front make it easy to access the information you need. Its user-friendly operating system shows, on a single screen, your speed, the direction you're heading and distance to destination, all at a glance. The unit records as many as 100 of the user's favorite locations and one reversible route with up to 10 legs. Two AA batteries provide up to 20 hours of continuous operation. The floatable GPS 310 will be available in April 2000.

User-Friendly Features

Features like EZstart initialization, dedicated operation keys, and three user-friendly navigation screens make the GPS 310 easy to operate. The GPS 310's menu interface lets the user move easily from feature to feature for instant access to all the unit's functions. The rocker keypad and dedicated GO TO, MARK, MENU and NAV keys let you save and name landmarks quickly and easily, and return to them time after time. For extra security, a key guard ensures that the receiver does not turn on accidentally.

Other features include: a high-contrast, EL backlit display; sensitive quadrifilar antenna; resettable trip odometer so you know how far you've traveled; and wraparound rubber armoring for a sure grip in any weather.

On the three easy-to-follow navigation screens, a steering arrow continuously directs the user toward the destination while displaying bearing, heading, distance, speed, remaining time to destination and cross-track error. The GPS 310's position screen displays location information in latitude/longitude or UTM coordinates and displays satellite status, including elevations.

Also included in the GPS 310 are OSGB, Swiss, Swedish, Irish, Finnish, French and German grid systems. In addition, there are 13 map datums for worldwide navigation capability: NAD27, WGS84, AUST84, EUROPE50, GRB36, IREL, KKJ, RT90, SAM69, SWISS, TOKYO, FRENCH, GERMAN.

Accessories Include Free Data Cable

The GPS 310 ships with a wrist strap and a User/Quick reference guide. Consumers will also receive a gift voucher for a free data cable from Magellan Corporation. Optional accessories include leather and canvas carrying cases, a swivel mounting bracket, vehicle mounting bracket, power cable with cigarette lighter adapter and an instructional video. Magellan's new Accessory Value Pak now includes the canvas carrying case, swivel mounting bracket, instructional video and external power cable with cigarette lighter adapter.

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