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Magellan S@tellite modem OEM board enables users to monitor, track and communicate with assets using the ORBCOMM wireless network

Dulles, VA   (July 05, 2000) ORBCOMM Global, L.P. (ORBCOMM), the first commercial provider of global low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite data communication services, today announced that Magellan Corporation has obtained ORBCOMM and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Type Approval for its S@tellite ModemTM OEM board. Magellan''''s S@tellite Modem is a low-cost OEM module that allows users to monitor, track and communicate with assets anywhere in the world using the ORBCOMM satellite network. Magellan''''s Wireless Communications business plans to make the S@tellite Modem OEM board commercially available this month.

Magellan''''s S@tellite Modem OEM board is designed to receive and forward messages through the ORBCOMM wireless network and features an embedded Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. In addition, the OEM board is equipped to monitor digital Input/Output signals and features a wide range of built-in functions. The S@tellite Modem is ideal for numerous tracking and monitoring applications where low power consumption and low cost are important discriminators.

"The receipt of ORBCOMM and FCC type approval represents an important milestone not only for ORBCOMM and Magellan, but for the customers who will employ this valuable new product," said Scott L. Webster, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ORBCOMM. "The S@tellite OEM board is designed to cost-effectively transmit and receive messages from any point on the globe, giving asset managers and individual users the ability to stay connected. Due to its functionality and cost, we believe this product will be very popular."

John Huyett, President and CEO of Magellan, agrees with Webster''''s assessment. "From early customer forecasts and expected interest, we believe the potential for this product is immense. We are excited about bringing this next generation of Magellan products for use with the ORBCOMM satellite network to customers worldwide."

Typical S@tellite Modem applications are expected to include automatic vehicle location (AVL), automatic meter reading (AMR), security and equipment monitoring, among others. Its built-in functions enable the integrators to monitor and control the state of eight on-board digital lines, GPS position or movement functions, and communications from the unit without needing a host computer.

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For technical and/or sales-related questions on the S@tellite Modem OEM board, contact Magellan at 1-800-922-2401.


ORBCOMM provides two-way monitoring, tracking and messaging services through the world's first commercial low-Earth orbit satellite-based data communication system. ORBCOMM applications include tracking of mobile assets such as trailers, containers, locomotives, rail cars, heavy equipment, fishing vessels, barges and government assets; monitoring of fixed assets such as electric utility meters, oil and gas storage tanks, wells and pipelines and environmental projects; and messaging services for consumers and commercial and government entities.

ORBCOMM is owned by Teleglobe Inc. (NYSE, TSE: TGO) and Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE: ORB). Teleglobe Inc. is a leading global provider of broadband services with the most extensive global Internet network. Delivering advanced broadband applications to customers in more than 100 countries, Teleglobe is the premier communications architecture for the digital economy.

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