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Magellan Announces the Versatile MAP 330MTM, The Mariner's All-in-One Navigation Device

MAP 330M Leads the Way with 16 MB Memory, Navaids and Detailed Maps

Santa Clara, Calif.   (December 13, 2000) Magellan Corporation, a leading developer of Global Positioning System (GPS) products and maker of the first handheld GPS receiver, announced today its new MAP 330MTM, which will be available in January 2001. The PC-compatible MAP 330M offers mariners a 7 MB downloadable memory, advanced features and a 9-MB, built-in database with thousands of navaids, coastline details and road maps, all in a single handheld device that floats. For a higher level of versatility and navigation power, the MAP 330M is a must-have for anglers and boaters alike.

The MAP 330M database contains waterways, inland lakes, fixed navaids, buoys, lighthouses, marinas, channel markers and obstructions such as wrecks and rocks. It also provides maps of worldwide political boundaries, major U.S. city streets, highways, railways and inland points of interest, such as national parks and airports. An advanced search function quickly locates database content. For increased street-map detail and waypoint and route management capabilities, the MAP 330M ships with a free MapSend StreetsTM CD-ROM, valued at $50. It also includes a wrist strap, User Manual/Quick Reference Guide and PC cable.

"For finding that favorite fishing hole, pleasure cruising or finding your way back home, the MAP 330M is an all-in-one navigation tool that mariners will want to have with them all the way, on land and on water," stated Steve Schneider, vice president of sales and marketing. "The MAP 330M allows mariners to travel more confidently and safely. From its comprehensive set of navaids to the most detailed database of street maps on the market, the MAP 330M offers users the most unique mix of information and cutting-edge features available in its class," he added.

User-Friendly Features

The MAP 330M's four customizable navigation screens show the user's position and the direction to the destination on a detailed background map, which users can reverse so the ocean appears light and land appears dark. Key features include anchor, arrival and cross track alarms; a resettable trip odometer; a sunrise and sunset calculator; and a best hunting and fishing time calculator that is searchable by position and date. The MAP 330M shows the bearing, heading, distance, speed, remaining time to destination, cross-track error and more. Its high-resolution, backlit display and keypad provide easy readability, day or night.

Users can save as many as 500 favorite locations and 20 reversible routes with up to 30 legs each. With Magellan's waypoint messaging feature, users can also create notes with each landmark they save. A backtracking feature records the user's path to create retraceable routes. The MAP 330M's non-volatile memory ensures data is saved even if the unit loses power.

Small and lightweight with a wrap-around, rubber grip, weatherproof housing, the 12-parallel-channel MAP 330M withstands harsh off-shore conditions while providing fast position fixes with up to 10-meter accuracy. Used as a back-up or primary navigation tool, the MAP 330M combines Magellan's traditional, world-class features with new and advanced technology to meet the demanding needs of today's mariner.

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