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Magellan Introduces the GPS 315A with Worldwide Jeppesen Database Information, the Affordable, Hand-Held Aviation GPS Receiver

San Dimas, CA   (March 15, 1999) Magellan Corporation continues to bring satellite navigation within reach of pilots around the world with the introduction of the GPS 315ATM 12-channel, hand-held aviation GPS receiver with worldwide JeppesenTM database information. Versatile, lightweight, and easy to use, this new GPS navigator is the ideal flying companion for any pilot at a price that is affordable for every pilot, according to Ken Kochi, Magellan''s Marketing and Sales Manager.

"Priced at $299.99, the GPS 315A offers pilots an affordable 12-channel aviation GPS receiver. Using the DataSendTM Aviation CD-ROM with Jeppesen worldwide data included with the unit, you can upload to the GPS 315A as many as 20,000 worldwide airports, navigation aids, Points of Interest (POI) and cities at any one time, tailoring the information to the destinations and geographic areas most important to your travels," added Kochi.

For example, use the DataSend software on a PC or laptop to find various airports and navigation aids between Los Angeles, CA and Oshkosh, WI, then easily transfer the information into the GPS 315A. The downloaded airports will then appear on the unit''s detailed plotter screen, allowing users to find their way using the unit''s satellite navigation capabilities.

DataSend Aviation contains worldwide airports (along with communication and weather frequencies), VORs, NDBs, and Intersections, as well as North American POIs such as nautical navaids, campgrounds, parks, tourist attractions and more. The software allows users to review selections prior to transfer and easily restore factory set defaults or saved category and point listings.

A high-resolution (160 X 104) graphics display allows for easy viewing of nine graphic navigation screens (five customizable) that show direction, the path traveled, distance to the destination and other navigation information. A 1,200-point SmartTrack plotter records every twist and turn along the way. For night use, the backlit EL display offers two levels of brightness.

In addition to the 500 landmark storage capability, the GPS 315A can save 20 routes with up to 30 legs each. A resettable trip odometer keeps track of the distance covered.

The GPS 315A''s powerful 12 parallel-channel receiver coupled with a sensitive quadrifilar antenna ensures superior tracking performance. For greater peace of mind, an internal 10-year lithium battery protects the unit''s memory when the batteries are removed. About the size of a small cellular phone, the GPS 315A is built to withstand the elements with rugged, rubberized grips and weatherproof construction-it will even float. Two AA batteries will provide up to 15 hours of continuous operation.

The new GPS 315A ships with a worldwide cities database, DataSend CD-ROM with Jeppesen data, PC/cigarette lighter cable, wrist strap, users'' manual and quick reference guide and 2 AA batteries.

The GPS 315A joins the SkyStar PLUSTM and EC-20XTM in Magellan''s line of aviation GPS products. With personalized aircraft data files and checklists, airspace alerts, and the most comprehensive database available, Magellan''s SkyStar PLUS is the ultimate in portable GPS navigation, preflight planning and in-flight management. The EC-20X offers built-in cartography, a detailed moving map, and GPS navigation data on a large, high-resolution backlit display. The SkyStar PLUS and EC-20X are priced at $649.99 and $1,499, respectively.

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