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Magellan's MapSendTM Provides Detailed Maps for Land, Sea Navigation

San Dimas, CA   (June 30, 1999) The MapSendTM family of CD-ROMs from Magellan has created a new cartographic and information resource for GPS navigation. Designed for use with the MAP 410 GPS receiver, these new databases of marine charts, land maps and Points of Interest (POIs) are available in marine and land versions.

The marine versions feature new C-MAP NTTM Compact electronic charts that work exclusively with the MAP 410. The charts contain essential marine and nautical information found on standard C-MAP NT electronic charts with coastline detail; navigation aids such as lighthouses, buoys and channel markers; spot soundings and depths contours. In addition, C-MAP's "Superlakes" or large fresh water lakes are available in the NT Compact format.

Magellan offers marine CDs for two geographical regions: The Americas CD is for use in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Central and South America, while the International CD covers Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific.

Each Marine CD contains all the charts for its geographic region. One free chart region, such as your homeport, is included with purchase. To access additional charts, the user must purchase the "unlock code" for that particular chart region. This special code is available for an additional fee and may be obtained with a simple phone call to C-MAP.

Unlock codes entitle the user to access a particular chart area indefinitely. Once the regional chart is purchased, even if it is erased from a GPS or PC, the user may re-load it from the CD-ROM by using the code.

MapSend Land USA provides enhanced road detail and over 250,000 POIs, including golf courses, campgrounds, parks, airports, hunting and fishing facilities, tourist attractions, highway exit ramp services and more.

Uploading the charts and data is easy to do and the software is designed for Windows® 95 or 98. An accessory PC cable connects your GPS to your PC. Simply select any of the C-MAP NT electronic charts or POIs on the MapSend CDs and upload them to the MAP 410. Then explore your favorite outdoor places with confidence.

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