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Magellan Introduces the MAP 410, the Next Step in GPS and Information Technology

Combining a worldwide background map with inland digital maps and a database of marine navigation aids, the MAP 410 meets the needs of motorists, outdoor adventurers and boaters

San Dimas, CA   (January 07, 1999) The new Map 410 hand-held GPS receiver from Magellan represents the latest in GPS and information technology, combining a worldwide background map with detailed inland cartography and a database of marine navigational aids. This expandable, feature-rich GPS receiver is versatile enough to meet the needs of motorists, and marine and land-based explorers, according to Marc Rubenstein, Magellan''s Vice President of Marketing.

"With a built-in basemap that includes coastlines, cities, lakes, rivers, and railroads, plus interstates and state highways, the Map 410 brings land navigation to a new level of detail and understanding," says Rubenstein. "For mariners, we''ve also included a database of marine navigation aids that include floating and fixed buoys, lighthouses and radio beacons that can be identified with unique icons for quick, easy recognition."

For even more information and location awareness, the Map 410''s optional MapSendTM CD-ROMs allow users to upload C-MAP NTTM marine charts, and additional Points of Interest (POI) such as parks, campgrounds, tourist attractions, highway exit ramp services, ocean wrecks and obstructions, and more. All this data is presented on an ultra-sharp display (240 x 120 pixel resolution) that''s 25 percent larger than competitive models, Rubenstein noted.

"The Map 410 is more than a navigator and locator. It''s an electronic map and information source that shows you not just the 'where,'' but also the 'there.''" states Rubenstein. "Use the MAP 410''s state highway detail to help you travel from city to city, determine how close you are to that favorite museum, or just navigate back to a favorite outdoor spot. Feature-for-feature, the Map 410 is the most versatile unit on the market."

Because the MAP 410 is PC-compatible, users can also download saved locations and routes into their PCs for editing and storage. The GPS receiver is also compatible with many other PC software mapping programs for even greater versatility.

The MAP 410''s easy-to-learn menu interface uses an intuitive operating system and on-screen instructions to make it as simple to operate as a cellular phone. Nine graphical navigation screens including a real-time multiple route track plotter with adjustable scale show the user where he''s going, the path he''s traveled and distance to his destination. Navigation screens provide directional arrows and information on Distance To Go, Bearing, Course Over Ground, Time To Go, Speed Over Ground, Cross-Track Error and Velocity Made Good.

Additional features and benefits

The MAP 410''s Auto Backtrack component uses the unit''s track log to plot a route back home without having to manually mark waypoints. Backtrack automatically saves up to 1,200 track points of the user''s current trip so that the user can easily retrace his or her steps and return to the trip''s starting point. The MAP 410 also utilizes a built-in altimeter to provide accurate readings for elevation, as well as a built-in thermometer for recording ambient temperatures.

The NorthfinderTM feature displays the sun and moon positions so users can quickly determine their desired direction while stationary. Sailors and boaters can take advantage of the internal proximity and tracking alarms, which support external alarms for anchoring, cross-track errors and arrival at a destination. The trip odometer lets offshore anglers know how far they''ve traveled, so they can estimate the time and distance to return to dock.

Pricing and Availability

The MAP 410 is available through a variety of dealers located around the country. To learn of a dealer near you, please contact Magellan at (800) 611-7955. Expected street price for the MAP 410 is $349.99. The MapSend CD-ROM and PC cable will retail for about $99.

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