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Magellan Introduces the GPS 315 and GPS 320, the World's Lowest Cost Navigation and Information Units

By connecting the devices to a PC, users can download information on golf courses, restaurants, and tourist attractions as well as information of relevance to the boater or backpacker

San Dimas, CA   (January 07, 1999) Magellan Corporation introduced today the GPS 315 and GPS 320, the worlds lowest cost navigation and information units. Using Magellan''s new Points of Interest (POI) database technology, tourists, motorists and outdoor adventurers can, for the first time, use an inexpensive, hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver to find such diverse destinations as museums, amusement parks, wineries, campgrounds or boat harbors.

With a database of more than 20,000 worldwide cities, the GPS 315 can guide travelers from place to place or simply help them relate their position and location to the nearest city. The GPS 320 is similar to the GPS 315, but also offers a pre-loaded, regional nautical navigation aid database in order to help boaters locate relevant points of interest. The GPS 320 comes with major worldwide cities and one of three different regional databases covering the Americas, Europe/Africa and Asia/Australia, ensuring that the most comprehensive list of cities and nautical navaids are available to users.

To increase the utility of the GPS 315 and GPS 320, users can access information from an optional companion CD-ROM, Magellan''s DataSendTM, containing hundreds of thousands of points of interest around the world. For example, use the DataSend software on a PC or laptop to find the various wineries within the Napa Valley, along with their addresses and phone numbers, then easily transfer the information into the GPS 315 or GPS 320. The downloaded wineries will then appear on the unit''s screen, allowing users to find their way to the various wineries - whether on foot, bike or car - using the unit''s satellite navigation capabilities.

"The GPS 315 and GPS 320 represent a new wave of satellite navigation units that are beginning to affect the lives of mainstream consumers," said Marc Rubenstein, Magellan''s Vice President of Marketing. "While traditional GPS receivers have been using almost exclusively by the outdoorsperson, the GPS 315 and GPS 320 have been designed also to fit the needs of travelers or tourists who want to take full advantage of the many points of interest on trips."

Another benefit of PC compatibility is the ability to transfer saved locations, landmarks and routes to a PC for storage and editing. For even greater versatility, the GPS 315 and GPS 320 can be used with most PC software mapping programs.

A high-resolution graphics display has been included for better viewing and there are nine graphic navigation screens (five customizable) that show your direction, the path you''ve traveled, distance to your destination and other navigation information.

Intuitive interface

Both products incorporate a user-friendly menu interface that''s easy-to-learn and lets the user move from feature to feature for instant access to all of the unit''s functions. The EZstart initialization feature eliminates the need to input coordinate numbers when first using the unit. The unit''s rocker keypad and dedicated GO TO, MARK, MENU and NAV keys lets one save and name landmarks quickly and easily, and return to them time after time.

Outdoor performance

The GPS 315 and GPS 320, like Magellan''s other GPS devices, are designed to help the user navigate under tough outdoor conditions, such as heavy cover or deep canyons. Magellan''s powerful 12 parallel-channel receiver coupled with a sensitive quadrifilar antenna ensures superior tracking performance anywhere. The devices also come with an internal 10-year lithium battery backup that protects the unit''s memory when the batteries are removed. The devices are built to withstand the elements with rubberized grips and rugged weatherproof construction. Two AA batteries will provide up to 15 hours of continuous operation.

Pricing and Availability

The GPS 315 and GPS 320 are available through a variety of dealers located around the country. To learn of a dealer near you, please contact Magellan at (800) 611-7955. Expected street price for the GPS 315 is $149.99 while the expected street price for the GPS 320 is $199.99. The DataSend CD-ROM and PC cable retail for about $79.00.

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