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Magellan's Advanced 750NAV Vehicle Navigation System Sets a New Standard for Features and Performance

The world's first transportable GPS/inertial vehicle navigation unit with color display, voice prompts, and turn-by-turn direction.

SAN DIMAS, CA   (January 06, 1999) For anyone who''s ever been stuck in traffic, lost in an unfamiliar part of town, or late for an appointment, Magellan Corporation''s new 750NAV TM vehicle navigation system takes the worry out of how to find the way from here to there, according to Alan Denton, Magellan Vehicle Navigation Marketing Manager.

"Using an extensive electronic digital street map, an immense points-of-interest library, and cutting-edge navigation technologies, the 750NAV is the most advanced vehicle navigation and driver information system ever engineered," Denton stated. "No more fumbling with paper maps, no more stopping to ask for directions, no more straining to read street and road signs - the 750NAV lets you drive with confidence."

Designed by Magellan''s Driver Information Systems (DIS) group in Rochester Hills, MI, the 750NAV is the first intelligent vehicle navigation system that not only takes you where you want to go, it goes with you wherever you want to take it. Use it in your sport utility vehicle, in your company car, in your RV, or transfer it from one fleet vehicle to another. With the optional docking station, the 750NAV easily moves from vehicle to vehicle in minutes.

"Increase productivity, improve safety, and enhance security. For the motoring tourist traveling in an unfamiliar town or the sales professional driving to an important appointment, the 750NAV offers worry-free travel and route guidance - it''s driving made simple," Denton stated.

The 750NAV builds on a record of success since 1995 with Magellan''s original PathMaster vehicle navigation system. Demonstrating that satellite-based vehicle navigation has truly reached the consumer level in terms of ease-of-use and affordability, Magellan and Hertz Corporation recently announced a $50 million joint venture to install 50,000 of the new 750NAV systems under the name "NeverLost®" in Hertz rental fleet vehicles in the U.S, Europe and Canada, Denton noted.

"This joint venture will enable millions of Hertz customers to experience the benefits of the 750NAV first-hand and clearly establishes the unit as the automotive industry''s premier vehicle navigation system," Denton added.

The 750NAV takes in-vehicle navigation and driver information technology to a new level of user friendliness and functionality, providing a convenient mix of easy-to-use features that includes:

Routing and Guidance

  • Voice and Visual Driving Instructions - Patented, turn-by-turn guidance literally tells you when to make each turn and shows you the direction of the turn with visual turn icons.

  • Custom Route - You control the route that is used. Choose among the shortest time route, the most use of freeways, or least use of freeways.

  • RoadExcludeTM - You can tell the 750NAV what roads you don''t want to travel on and they will be excluded from the route.
    TrueViewTM - Shows the actual road layout under a 3-D maneuver icon.

  • AutoRe-routeTM - Don''t worry if you miss a turn, the Magellan will automatically calculate a new route to your destination.

  • Off-Road Navigation - SUV and 4-wheel drive enthusiasts can travel where there are no roads. Simply store your own waypoint locations and the 750NAV leads the way to them - just like Magellan''s famous hand-held satellite navigators.

  • Magellan''s Exclusive VIPTM (Vehicle-Independent Positioning) - This patented technology actually tunes itself to your driving style to optimize vehicle positioning. And because the system does not require splicing into the vehicle''s speed sensor wires or backup lights, the vehicle navigation system is easily transported from vehicle to vehicle.

Ease of Use
  • Intuitive User Interface - An easy-to-follow menu system and bold, easy-to-understand icons lead the way through the unit''s many features swiftly and simply.

  • QuickSpellTM - Helps get you to any letter or number in a street address in just two keystrokes or less, making selecting destination addresses fast and simple.

  • Personal Address Book - Store up to 100 of your most important or frequently visited locations in the Magellan, for fast and easy routing.

  • Super-Bright Color Display - The high-resolution (over 70,000 pixels), high-contrast color display is 3-to-4 times brighter than most laptop computers, making the Magellan viewable even in direct sunlight.

Intelligent Transportation
  • No CDs Required - Until now, vehicle navigation systems required users to purchase up to nine separate CDs to store the database of maps needed for travel throughout the entire U.S. In contrast, the 750NAV contains a database of city streets and federal, state and county roads and highways of the entire continental U.S. on its programmable, internal hard drive.

  • Thousands of Points of Interest - Select your destination from a list of hotels, restaurants, ATMs, hospitals, service stations, amusement parks, shopping centers, sports complexes or dozens of other categories. Search destinations by city or for the nearest to your location.

  • Highway Exit Guide - Lists restaurants, gas stations, lodging, attractions and more for each highway exit.

Additional Features
  • Instant Locate Feature - Determine your exact location at the push of a button to tell others exactly where you are and what kind of assistance you require.

  • Voice Options - Your choice of male or female voice prompts.

  • Seven Languages - Select from Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese or Spanish.

  • PC Compatible - A standard parallel port allows you to create personal address books, update the system and import third-party database information from your PC.

  • Expandable Components - The modular design of the Magellan 750NAV leaves room for easy upgrading and expansion to new features and functions, such as a communications port for future connection to in-bound or out-bound cellular, satellite or VHF communications to receive traffic reports, communicate with the office or link to emergency or roadside assistance services.

The system consists of a vehicle-mounted docking station, a control station module and a hand-held operator''s interface module, along with mounting kit components to include brackets, cabling and a GPS antenna. Beginning with its sleek form factor, and extending through its graphite-and-gray exterior finish to its high-resolution, ultra-bright color display, the 750NAV is both aesthetically appealing and ergonomically sound, and clearly at home in any vehicle cabin, notes Denton.

With no complicated wiring connections required to vehicle speed sensors or backup lights, installation is simple, too, and can be quickly performed by the fleet operator, retailer, dealer, or by do-it-yourselfers. Quickly and effortlessly removed from the docking station, the control station and operator''s module can be stored out of sight in situations where vehicle security is a concern.

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