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Magellan's Wireless Products Pass EOW Rollover with 100% Success

San Dimas, CA   (August 24, 1999) The leader in satellite-based navigation and communication equipment for consumer and commercial applications, Magellan Corporation announced today that its Wireless Communications products using the Global Positioning System (GPS) operated with 100% success through the End of Week (EOW) Rollover. With a variety of applications, from fleet management, advanced vehicle location and tracking and monitoring assets to communicating messages from remote locations on land or at sea, EOW had no effect on product performance.

"Customers using Magellan's wireless communication products have not reported any problems," said Frank van Diggelen, Magellan's director of sales and marketing for Wireless Communications. "Our products successfully communicated positions and other navigation data as we expected. We're proud of Magellan's reliability, especially since our customers depend on our products to monitor and track valuable assets and provide communications that has helped to save lives," he added.

Among Magellan's Wireless Communication products is the GSC 100, the world's first hand-held, satellite-based, two-way global messaging device that incorporates positioning and navigation capabilities using the GPS constellation. Users are able to identify their position, plot and navigate a course and send and receive messages from anywhere on Earth via e-mail messaging by accessing the ORBCOMM satellite constellation.

Other Wireless Communication products are the Asset Vision mobile communication and tracking unit, the S@tellite Modem and the Asset Tr@cker. The Asset Vision integrates cellular (3-watt AMPS or IS-136) voice and data communications, GPS and an intelligent power management system into a compact module.

The S@tellite Modem is a satellite communication module for system integrators. The board comes standard with eight digital I/O lines and an embedded GPS receiver. It has built-in functions for monitoring and/or controlling the state of the digital i/o lines, GPS functions, and communications from the Modem.

The Magellan Asset Tr@cker is designed to use both cellular and satellite communications. This unit's primary communication mode is AMPS cellular and, when outside of cellular coverage, it will automatically revert to the ORBCOMM satellite constellation.