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The World's First Portable GPS Receiver Priced Under $100

Magellan's GPS 300TM brings satellite navigation within reach of every outdoorsman

San Dimas, CA   (January 01, 1997) From the company that introduced the world's first hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigator comes the first new portable GPS receiver priced under $100. Magellan Corp.'s GPS 300 personal guide will enhance any outdoor adventure, taking you anywhere you want to go and back again, anytime, in any weather, according to Zuzana Prochazka, Magellan's Senior Marketing Manager Outdoor and Marine Products.

"Priced at just $99.99, the pocket-sized GPS 300 brings satellite navigation within reach of every outdoorsman. The same GPS technology that guides troops, navigates oil tankers, steers jets and helped explorers on ascents of Mt. Everest is now available to everyone at a price that anyone can afford. Whether you're a weekend hiker or experienced camper, this extremely affordable unit will heighten your outdoor experiences.

"Record the location of magnificent sunsets, return to hot fishing spots, ski a new trail, mark bird sightings, or just see what's across the pond. Whether you want to find objects or just find your way, with the GPS 300, there's no limit to where you can go," Prochazka said.

While it is an essential primary or backup navigation tool, the GPS 300 has other uses too:

  • Entertainment - Set up treasure hunts, plan races or just explore new places.

  • Physical fitness - Monitor your speed in a kayak or record distance traveled in a canoe.

  • Travel - Find your way across strange countryside or just back to the hotel.

  • Instruction - Teach children about the power of satellite navigation.

  • Environmental education - Locate and study plants, animals or historical sites.

The GPS 300 uses signals transmitted by the United States government's Global Positioning System (GPS), a constellation of 24 satellites orbiting the earth twice a day at an altitude of 12,000 miles. GPS satellites transmit continuous time and position information 24 hours a day, enabling users to plot their positions anywhere on Earth - helping them navigate from point to point and perform other location, tracking, mapping, plotting and timing functions. The GPS 300 will also tell you how fast and in what direction you're moving, how far it is to your destination and other useful navigation information.

Using an intuitive operating system, the GPS 300's user-friendly menu interface easily moves you from feature to feature, permitting instant access to all of the unit's functions. The EZstart initialization feature eliminates the need to input coordinate numbers when first using the unit. And, the unit's rocker keypad and dedicated "GO TO", MARK, MENU and NAV keys enable you to save and name landmarks quickly and easily, and return to them time after time.

The GPS 300 features three easy-to-follow screens displayed on a large, high contrast, backlit display. The navigation screens' steering arrow continuously directs the user toward the destination while displaying bearing, heading, distance, speed, time to go and XTE. Location information in latitude/longitude or UTM coordinates, and satellite status (including elevations), are displayed on the GPS 300's position screen. Users can store 100 landmarks and one route of up to 10 legs.

Built tough, the rugged Magellan GPS 300's waterproof construction and rubber armoring will withstand years of use under the harshest conditions. Internally, the unit boasts Magellan's AllView 12TM technology which tracks up to 12 satellites and an internal quadrifilar helix antenna for superior tracking.

Measuring only 6.2" x 2.1" x 1.3", the sleek GPS 300 weighs less than seven ounces, making it the world's lightest hand-held GPS. Just put it in your pocket and go. Completely portable, the unit will run continuously for 24 hours on just two AA alkaline batteries, and a key-guard ensures that the receiver does not turn on accidentally. Optional accessories include a swivel mounting bracket, carrying case, external power cable and instructional video.

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