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Magellan's New NAV 6000TM Chartplotter Puts the Power of Electronic Charts in Your Hand

77,000 pixel, high-resolution display

SAN DIMAS, CA   (January 01, 1997) Freshwater anglers and small boat owners can now use electronic chart technology to increase their fishing and boating success with Magellan's new NAV 6000TM hand-held chartplotter. With 77,000 pixels this compact chartplotter maximizes the power of electronic chart navigation and offers the sharpest picture of any cartographic plotter its size.

This easy-to-use, portable chartplotter incorporates C-MAP NTTM seamless cartography with Magellan's proven 12 parallel-channel receiver technology. The result is more accurate and more detailed information on lakes, rivers, navigation buoys and markers, as well as marinas and other shore-side facilities and services.

"With a growing library of inland lakes and rivers on C-MAP NT cartridges, the NAV 6000 shows you where you are, points you to the best fishing spots and provides a wealth of chart data while enroute. With its built-in worldwide chart and the optional, regional C-MAP micro-cartridges, the NAV 6000 shows oceans of detail on lighthouses, spot soundings, landmarks, depth contours and much more. All of which is made even more useful because it's displayed on the sharpest, highest-resolution LCD display ever put into a hand-held chartplotter," according to Magellan's Senior Marketing Manager Outdoor and Marine Products, Zuzana Prochazka.

The sleek NAV 6000's four-level gray-scale, backlit display provides a crisp, easy-to-read picture under any condition - even direct sunlight - thanks to its GlareGuardTM protection. With five navigation screens (two customizable) featuring big, bold characters, you can display any of 500 user-defined waypoints with eight-character names and messages to 20 characters long; any of 25 reversible routes with up to 30 legs each; position readouts in latitude/longitude, LORAN TDs, UTM, OSGB, or Finnish/Irish/Swedish/Swiss grid coordinates; and standard GPS information such as Distance To Go, Bearing, Course Over Ground, Time To Go, Speed Over Ground, Cross-Track Error and Velocity Made Good.

Like all Magellan electronics, the NAV 6000 features an easy-to-use operating system. Simple menus and on-screen instructions make navigation simple and quick. Four QuickSwitchTM softkeys and a backlit keypad make the unit easy to use while in-hand or mounted on its bracket. The two-speed, eight-way cursor key makes full use of the new C-MAP NT seamless format to provide fast chart panning. A push-button zoom control brings map resolution down to .01 nautical miles. Chart cartridges are easily inserted into and spring-ejected from the unit's waterproof cartridge slot.

Using Magellan's new PC communications software, any number of waypoints or routes in memory can be downloaded to a computer for storage and retrieval later. When planning a fishing trip or long cruise, the user can quickly upload waypoints, routes and other data.

The NAV 6000 features a nearest and fastest waypoint search function that's useful in bad weather or other emergencies. The unit can instantly calculate the bearing and distance between points on the map to quickly find a port in a storm. For greater safety and peace of mind, it also supports external alarms for anchoring, cross-track errors and arrival at a destination.

For true global capability, the NAV 6000 has five language options - English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The waterproof NAV 6000 is built solid - from its rubber-armored housing and dual-pin battery door, to its backlit keypad and super-sensitive antenna. Placement of the viewing screen at the top of the unit makes the NAV 6000 easy to operate and to see either in the hand or its supplied mounting bracket.

The NAV 6000 is also differential-ready. When connected to Magellan's DBRTM differential beacon receiver or similar device, it is capable of providing 5- to 10-meter accuracy using differential signal corrections broadcast by the U.S. Coast Guard or other differential sources. For use with autopilots, radars and other marine electronics, the NAV 6000 provides NMEA 0183 output.

It comes with a bracket mount that tilts and swivels 360-degrees, a 10-35 V DC power/data cable, six AA batteries, carrying case and reference guides. Accessories include a low-profile external antenna and 30 feet of coaxial cable. The NAV 6000 retails for about $599.99.

A pioneer in satellite communication and navigation products for automotive, aviation, mapping, marine, military, outdoor recreation, survey and vehicle navigation markets around the globe, Magellan introduced the worlds first commercial, hand-held GPS receiver in 1989.

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