Fleet Management

Fleet Management Solution

Magellan provides a Fleet Management Protocol tool kit that enables Fleet Management solution providers to easily integrate their service with Magellan Commercial Navigators for a complete customer solution.

Magellan RoadMate Commercial GPS navigators facilitate a safety-focused, effective and cost-efficient fleet monitoring solution. Working with fleet management
partners, enables two-way information delivery and value-added applications for your fleet’s needs.

In the vehicle, Magellan navigators provide more efficient routes, turn-by-turn directions, and perform as mobile data terminals that enhance two-way dispatch-to-driver information delivery with seamless connectivity to in-vehicle Telematics transponder (Black Box) devices.



Magellan provides Fleet Management Protocol tool kit that enable Fleet Management solution provider to insert their service with the Magellan Commercial Navigators for a complete customer solution

Complete Your Fleet Solution

Magellan RoadMate Commercial Navigators connect to Telematics Transponder devices via specially designed interface cables and the
Protocol toolkit:

Interface Cable

See the complete Tool Kit protocol

Download the Tool Kit

Magellan RoadMate Commercial RC9496T-LMB

Magellan RoadMate Commercial 5190T

Magellan RoadMate Commercial 5190T-LM

Key Advantages

Messaging to and from the vehicle

• Send job details
• Acceptance and completion of job
• Predefined messages can be sent easily

Send stops to the vehicle and save them

• Can be single stops, multiple stops, or daily fixed routes
• Driver can select and rearrange the order of stops

Turn-by-turn Directions

• Includes traffic alerts and options to reroute



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