Fleet Management

Fleet Management Protocol

The following is a complete list of supported protocols for the Fleet Management Tool Kit.

Text Message Protocols – send and receive message from/to Navigator/Office

  • Open text message
    • Up to 94 characters in length
  • Canned response text message
    • Pre-programmed messages to select when reply
  • Message status
    • Confirmation if the message has been read
  • Delete message
    • Allow Office to delete stored messages on Navigator

Stop (Destination) Protocols

  • Receive and display new stop (destination) from Office
  • Ability to start navigating to the Stop (destination) location

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Protocols

  • Driver and Office request ETA of current stop (destination) in progress and whenever the Driver starts navigating to a new stop (destination).

Auto-Arrival at Stop Protocols

  • Automatically detect when Driver has arrived at a Stop and prompt the Driver to mark the Stop as complete and start navigating to next stop in the list.

Multi Destination Protocols

  • Allow Office to send Multi Destination to the Driver
    • Up to 12 destination points
  • Driver can send status and destination information to office when Driver starts navigating to a new destination.

Status Protocols

  • Allow Office to get the current GPS position from the driver
  • Show up-to-the-minute vehicle location on the map
  • Get current destination from Navigator
  • Get TTG (time to go) from Navigator
    • Time left to go to next destination
  • Get Whole TTG from Navigator
    • Time left to go for the whole trip

Import/Export Vehicle Profile Protocols

  • Office can export the vehicle profile to Navigator
  • Office can import the vehicle profile to Navigator

Settings update Protocols

  • Allow Office to update the Setting of Navigator
    • Auto Time zone, Daylight Saving, Night mode, Sound level, Power off timer

Itinerary update Protocols

  • Allow Office to update the itinerary to Navigator

Additional Protocols

  • Zone Speed Info
  • Product ID and Support
  • Driver ID
  • Get Version (software version)